Poll Time

1:14 PM

I'm popping a super important quiz on you today. Be prepared for doom and sadness.

Nahhh, just kidding. I'm actually just posting a quick poll on here today because I'm super curious about when you read my posts. I went to a small business seminar this spring when I was at college and it really posed some interesting facts and questions about social networking. Apparently, the time I post and where I post affects things more than I would've thought.

So if you have time, please please please take a few seconds to answer this poll. It would make me so happy *flutters eyelashes* and also I offer virtual chocolate. Yeah. That's right baby.

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  1. Well, I subscribed to your amazing blog so I wouldn't miss any of your posts. Anytime you write one, I get a notification and come check it out :)

  2. P.S. and yes the time you post and where you post make a big difference. For example, it's night for me when it's morning for you. So if you post during the day, I might be sleeping and miss it so that's why I subscribed to your blog. That way I don't miss any of your posts.
    Another example - the target audience for my blog is on your side of the planet. So when I post here in the evening - it's morning over there. Some might peruse posts in the morning but admit it, everyone's so busy they rarely get time to check posts in the morning. The majority check blogs in the evening when they're off work or relaxing. So I have to time my posts to mesh with the evening time over there. Or to time them for weekend mornings over there.

    1. Ahh I didn't know that especially about posting around evening. :) You are full of good tips, S.R. ;)

      That must take a lot of work and scheduling on your part to get everything out so people will read it. Of course I can't wait for you to come check out my posts :D


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