It's a Random Day {3}

7:21 PM

(So, if you didn't read my intro post about the above meme-y looking thing, it's something that I made to cover all the random days I feel like talking about my life and blabbering about songs and weather and things. It's probably not original but the image is, so if you want to use it please credit me. :) )

I'm finally back to posting semi-regularly! Three cheers for me *grins* It's been a while since I posted one of my random, long-winded "me" posts, so I thought I'd bring you up to speed on what I've been doing and how things are going.

Songs I've Been Listening To:

Party Rock by Boys Republic. This is the perfect song to jam out to. It has an awesome beat and is THE summer song. It's on replay all the time. 

Go Away by 2NE1. Also has a good beat (I love my beats man). Girl power all the way. 

Fill Me In by Austin Mahone ft. Pia Mia. This one's just so mellow and I love both their voices. 

Weather In My Spheres:

Well actually it's been pretty sucky lately. 

It's been rainy off and on which makes it really hard to plan for any adventures. Disappointment. 

In Other News:

>>> I've started my online Art History class (been doing it for a little over a week) which is... pleasant. Not. It's not awful but there's a lot of content and reading assignments and writing. I haven't written a paper for school since last year so I'm a little out of practice. >.< 

>>> The Goodreads critique group has grown to 14 members! I'm so excited and hope it keeps expanding so I can talk with you lovelies about design and art as well as bookish stuff on there. You can check out Random Design here

>>> I'm starting to practice driving on the interstate more which is both terrifying and well yeah terrifying. But I need my driving skills to be up to par if I decide to like drive somewhere...sometime...

>>> Vlogs will be coming semi-soon. Amongst them, a sister tag (with a twist) hopefully!

>>> I'm starting to work on another book cover project I got. SUPER EXCITED. 

>>> I went to see a president's house the other day and while it was pretty awesome, it was kinda not awesome because of the heat waves crashing against my face. When did we decide it was okay to walk over twenty minutes in Saharian weather? 


My reading groove is also something that's getting way better (before it was kind of bipolar. some days I wanted to read 5 books and other times I wouldn't want to read for days.) thank the heavens. So this is my fingers-crossed, begging-the-fates TBR for this month. 

(I also read Red Queen recently and OMG amazing. At first it was just meh for me but oooh. My heart. Do you wish to read my flailings in a review?)


City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare. Do I even need to explain my reasons?

We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han. You may or may not have read my tweet about finishing trilogies (or failing to, in my end). This is part of Project Conquer Trilogies. Evil things. 

Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier. *cough* Another trilogy finisher. *cough*

Here, There and Elsewhen by Charles L. Fontenay. Goodreads doesn't even have a helpful blurb thus the lack of a link. Basically, this is a collection of sci-fi short stories? Um...not my usually pick, except it's short so it fits my "read a book you can read in one day" requirement for my 50 book challenge. 

Top Ten Clues You're Clueless by Liz Czukas. This sounds like super fun combo of contemporary, cheesy things and a mystery. Plus, the cover. It's gorgeous. 

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella. More cover love! Also, the main character has an anxiety disorder which I thought was really unique and relatable. #socialanxiety. 

What's going on in your life? Are you enjoying being a lazy bum this summer or are you being super productive and other distasteful things? ;) 

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