New Game Plan

9:51 PM

Okey-dokey, peoples. Game plan. Here goes. 

I don't have everything figured out yet, but I'm going to lay out the basics of a posting plan I hope will work. 

1. Hopefully, I will post one or two times per week. Ideally, it will be two-- one review and one "other." But there's no way I can post the way I was last year in summer break while I'm at college. Have I freaked out about the THREE art studio classes I'm taking this spring on here yet? 

2. I will be tweaking the blog a tiny bit. Mainly just the tabs/links at the top, just so they'll match the current design. 

3. Does anyone feel up to doing a guest post for me?? Or if not, are there any things about my real life that you're curious about? As a book blog (or mainly bookish), I don't touch on that too much but I plan to do way more in the future. 

4. I have made an art blog. This is huge. For me, anyway, because I'm super insecure about my art. Which is ridiculous since I'm a Fine Arts major but it's true. I thought that since this is such a big deal for me (being it's my future career and all) I would keep track of all my projects and artsy doings with a blog! 

It looks like this.
Right now I have no idea what I'm doing (and part of this was me discovering how Wordpress works and being able to navigate it as well as Blogger) and I still have stuff to figure out as to the design and all kinds of other things. Like the website address. How do you change it? This is a legitimate question. (BTW, I have a free account if that helps.)

I'd love it if you took a few minutes to check it out and offer opinions. :)) For right now, I've decided to not link to Life of a Random from Wanderlust but that might change in the future. ANYWHO, here's the address: .

Adieu, lovelies. 

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  1. Good luck with the new posting schedule and art blog! I'm starting to hyperventilate just thinking about taking that many art classes in one year. I don't paint, sketch, draw, or even color very well. I prefer my art more 3-D (aka pottery.) Hope your classes go well!
    ~Sarah Faulkner


    1. Thanks *grins* (I'll need it.) Oh my gosh, you're not the only one hyperventilating. I am like freaking out mentally here. Wow that's so awesome! I can't imagine the skills you have to have for pottery. Maybe you could guest post about it on the art blog some time? ;) And thank you again! Me too. *crosses fingers*

  2. Oooh, another blog! How exciting.

    Listen, I totally get it with the college thing (you know I do). It's super tough. I'm going to have to reevaluate my blogging situation too. We shall see how I adjust - and good luck to you!

    Hey, I'm always willing to guest post :-)

    1. Hehe I'm super excited. I hope I can keep up with everything :D

      Yeah, we freshies have to stick together. At this point, I feel like we should have a special hand shake or something because of all the stuff we've made it through. ;) I bet you'll do great. I mean I dropped off the blogosphere during august/september :P Thanks! Good luck to you too!

      And I am always happy to collab with you :) Let me brainstorm and I'll shoot you an email soon. EXCITEMENT.

  3. Nice post. Sign me up to do a guest post for you if you'd like. And as for wordpress, you can't change the website address. You're stuck with the website address you chose when you signed up unless you buy one of the packages.
    Thanks again for the amazing, artistic blog header you did for me. It's perfect!

    1. Of course! I'll send you an email about that soon :) Ahh, well that stinks. Thanks for the info. I thought you might know ;)
      No problem, I had a ton of fun making it *grins*


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