10 Things I'm Addicted To (And I'm Not Sorry)

7:40 PM

Before I get into the main part of this post, I'd just like to say that "white chocolate" appeared in the keywords that people have used to find my blog. Um, yes. That is fabulous. I love this person. Let's be honest here, the only search word better than this would be "milk chocolate." (Don't argue.)


I was wondering what to write today....and I really wasn't producing any interesting, fun ideas. At all. So I googled and found a list of topics, one of which was "What You're Addicted to and Why," here. I thought that sounded really fun so I'm stealing it for my blog. :) 

Because we all know that as a blogger, I'm gonna have addictions. That's just how it works. 

My List of 10 Things I'm Addicted To

1. Social Media + YouTube

First, the expected things: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Who doesn't adore these websites. They are literally my life. I check them everyday...more than a couple times. I know YouTube isn't officially social media, but I feel like it really is because it connects so many people now. 

facebook:  used to connect with family and friends in real life. I don't really post a lot but I like keeping up with people without actually having to talk to them. #thelife

twitter:  used to connect with my book community! Not only do I love talking with my bookish/blogger friends on Twitter, but I like keeping up with book news and giveaways and other awesome stuff this way. And moan about life of course. 

pinterest:  used to get in the writing mood, plan WIPs, and otherwise waste time and giggle over memes that accurately describe my entire life. 

youtube:  used to waste whatever time I have left over from Pinterest. Who needs an actual reason to watch YouTube? 

2. Nerdy-er Websites
Goodreads and Blogger of course! Not to say either of them are particularly nerdy but they kinda are so. ;) I am on blogger ALL the time-- checking stats, working on posts, etc. etc. Goodreads is my online book organizer and book finder extraordinaire. I literally do not know how I lived with out it before. 

3. Chocolate
I probably don't need to explain this. But I will. Chocolate is life. If there is chocolate, I will befriend you to acquire that chocolate. 

Even though I'm kind of weird because I don't really like dark or white chocolate.

4. K-pop (Korean pop)
A while ago my younger sister introduced me to K-pop aka Korean pop music...I've never looked back. Besides K-pop being really beautiful, I just feel like when I listen to the music and "get to know" the different groups' members I can get through bad days easier. And the language is just super neat! I'm half-Taiwanese so my native languages from my mom would be Taiwanese and Chinese (I don't know either of them *sad face*) but I'm a little disloyal. I think Korean sounds better in songs. ;)

5. Ellie Goulding
Ellie Goulding has, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful voices in the business. Her songs are so full of emotion, and I'm pretty sure I've never heard one that I hated. 

a few of my favorites: 

6. My Favorite TV Shows
Obviously, right? ;) Teen Wolf, The 100, The Secret Circle, and Nikita are just a few shows that have stayed my favorites out of the loads I've watched. 

Teen Wolf:  It's an MTV show. It's about werewolves. It has a corny name. This is the perfect recipe for people thinking it stinks. But it's AMAZING. I haven't caught up on episodes (or seasons) yet but I am so invested in the characters. They make me cry and laugh. Mostly cry. There is huge character development and many different kinda paranormal creatures. It's an amazing show!

The 100:  Okay, obviously I'm attracted to shows that end up breaking my heart. Again, the people are so important to me. I feel like I know them and like them. Which is a problem, because people die all the time. This means tears (again) and occasional yelling at the TV or laptop. I feel like it's very sci-fi because the people originally come down to earth from space. 

The Secret Circle: This is a new addition! It's about a group of teen witches who face different enemies-- witch hunters, other witches, themselves. The setting is contemporary and has a very "high school" feel. 

Nikita: BOSS FEMALE EX-SPY/EX-ASSASSIN. What more do I need to say. Nikita, the protagonist, is trying to put a stop to a dirty American operation. She fights, plots, and does everything on her own. She gets in and she gets out. I was impressed. 

7. Mugs/Shirts with Words on Them 
That's pretty self-explanatory hehe. I love mugs and shirts with funny/sarcastic/#real words on them. Like, I'm dying to eventually get a mug with "Keep Calm and..." on it. And I have a t-shirt with "must sleep more" on it (which is always true. for me anyway). It's awesome. 

8. Maps
Maps. I've loved looking at them and collecting them for as long as I can remember. I just like pulling out my box of maps and looking through it. Yes, I actually have a box of maps. It is very heavy. 

9. Owls
Honestly I just recently started noticing that I gravitate towards owl-ly things. I have an owl necklace, an owl ring, an owl shirt. A mug with owls on it. 

What are you looking at?

10. Outfits Made up of Baggy Tops and Leggings
There's nothing better than comfort. And nothing is more comfortable and stylin' than an outfit made up of a baggy shirt and cute leggings. The fact that they can be casual or fancier too makes them even better. 

I hope you liked reading all about my (current) obsessions. Any  suggestions for more unique list posts? What is something you are obsessed with?

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  1. OWLS.

    I legit have owl earrings (multiple pairs), an owl necklace, an owl to put my dresser, and owl post-it notes. It's kinda becoming an addiction. ^.^

    Also, I really really REALLY love this kinda post. Love learning more about you, friend. :)


      I'm pretty sure I'm addicted XD I just got an owl backpack. (Oopsies)

      Thanks! I had fun writing it. And I always love reading these posts on other blogs so I hoped that everyone would like it :)

  2. I watched all of the 100 in like 2 days, SO addicted! And I tell everyone I know that they need to use Goodreads!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. It's sooo epic, isn't it? (And WOW that is some intense tv show watching) Goodreads is a total lifesaver.

  3. I like Ellie Goulding too; she did a duet with Active Child called "Silhouette" and it's beautiful!!!

    1. I went and listened to it after you mentioned it here :) It's gorgeous (but then all of Ellie Goulding's songs are ;) )


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