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I love school! I love all my classes! I love all my teachers! 

Okay, sorry that was weird (and not true). 

I have been homeschooled all the way through senior year of high school, which means my parents were crazy patient and resourceful and somehow taught me from kindergarten to twelfth grade. In the earlier grades, I loved school and learned really fast. And while my love of school kind of...faded...I kept doing really well. 

Then I hit high school. And suddenly I had to work harder to get the same grades. There was no more coasting past classes because they were so easy. I had (actually--have) problems with procrastination and I didn't know how to take notes. During this time, starting with 9th grade, I also started to teach myself most of the material.It was a good learning experience but that doesn't mean it was a fun and awesome experience. :D

This year I graduated from high school! I still get an official high school diploma (and not a GED like I would have to otherwise) because from 9th to 12th grade my parents registered me with an umbrella program because of state requirements (my dad didn't want me to do state testing. I didn't either. I'm terrified of all things tests). An umbrella program is an accredited school that also extends to homeschoolers, which means we hand in grades and course descriptions and they hand transcripts, a GPA, and a diploma back. Also, no tests. *happy dance* 

I wasn't a straight A student in high school. I wasn't awful either. I won't know my final GPA for a little while but I got mostly B's near the beginning of high school and more A's as time went on. This last year I took two dual-enrollment (credits count for high school and college) classes at my local community college. I'm SO glad I took them otherwise I wouldn't be prepared at all for college. 

What kind of student was I at these classes? Um...well, I was always on time (usually a little early), I turned in all of my assignments on time, and I got A's in both classes. Yeaaah. I'm a nerd. BUT PROUD. 

Now, as it's summer break, there is no school. And I'm currently rejoicing in its absence. However, and I think most of you know this, I've been accepted into a college that's around two hours from my house and will be moving there to live in the dorms this fall! I'm in a state of nervousness plus excitement. It doesn't really make sense admittedly, but it results in a lot of butterflies in my stomach. I will be an art major, art with an emphasis in design. It's a new program at the college and basically their graphic design major. 

That's it from me :) Stay awesome.

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  1. I actually started off college as a graphic design major! I changed to English after a semester which is what I should have done in the beginning. I've wanted to work with books since I was like 12. Haha.
    I dual-enrolled my senior year, too. Which classes did you take?
    My Life of a Blogger post.

    1. That's neat! I like writing too, but I love creating new things artistically more. I'm hoping to be able to get into designing book covers eventually. :D

      I took Composition 1 and Intro to Sociology. :) It was a good experience! (Especially learning how to format papers and all that jazz.)

  2. Hi, Awesome sauce, Miss Graphic Designer :) Hope your classes will be a lot of fun. :) Good luck.

    1. Omg I missed this comment somehow. Sorry!

      I hope the classes are loads of fun too :D They look great and I can't wait to learn all that new artsy stuff.


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