Hello, Summer

8:02 PM

Summer is here! *happy dance* That being said--um, first, no school. Just let me cry a few tears of joy in the corner.

Secondly, two words. Sleeping in. Every day. Well, that's four, but you get my point. Summer gives me the chance to do two of my three favorite things in much larger proportions. I eat all year round (wow, I know. you didn't know that, did you?) so this means I now have many hours for sleeping and reading.

I'm tempted to just say summer is my favorite season, except then I step outside and...get slammed into the ground with humidity.

Not surprisingly, all a lot of my summer plans take place inside.

Here are some things I plan on doing this summer:

  • Catch up on reviewing all of my NetGalley ARCs. I have quite a lot. (Bad, Skylar.)
  • Participate in a lot of book tours and blitzes and stuff, this will be infinitely easier as I'm a host for Fire & Ice Book Tours and Xpresso Book Tours.
  • Grow my blog following (dur ;)).
  • Right now I have three story ideas battling for supremacy in my brain. I have no idea which one I'm finally going to settle on, but I want to work on one of them a lot this summer. 
  • Write a few guest posts for different book blogs. 
  • Hopefully, if everything goes well, I'll start freelance writing (blog posts) for various blogs on different subjects soon. It'll be anonymous but it will pay too. So *crossed fingers*.
  • Of course, I love getting review books from anywhere but I want to start finding self-published books to review too. There's something really neat and alluring about self-publishing to me, so I would love to help the authors out there. 
  • Maybe more vlogging? I'm not really sure about this one. Depends on what you all think. :D
What are some of your summer blogging/blogging-related plans? Since the majority of us have nothing better to do with our days, let's talk all things blog and books because it's only a little ways into my vacation and I'm itching to find new and interesting things to do on Life of a Random!

Also, if anyone needs a blog button or two, I'd be happy to help make some. :) Hit me up! Except, don't really hit me. Please. Happy summer vacation!

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  1. Oh, man, I know what you mean about the build up of NetGalley ARCS! :| I have like sixteen...? *cringes and hides under bed* I think that I need to review. It makes feel terrible, but I just haven't had the time, y'know? What with being sick and frantically catching up on schoolwork, as well as trying to HAVE A LIFE, blogging and reviewing are just not on my MUST DO IN THE NEXT TEN SECONDS list :/

    What are my plans?

    ---->It's Winter here in NZ, and summer is faaaar away. While I love crisp mornings, it being FREEZING 25 hours a day, IS NO FUN. So I've been spending a lot of time where it's warm, planning what books I'm going to take with me when we go on holiday in July *strokes kindle* The list changes almost daily, which just shows how indecisive I am, haha! ;)

    ----> Do something with my blog design. I swear if Blogger had a neck I'd be wringing it right now >:| Doesn't help that I know NOTHING in the very big, very scary world of blog designing *le sigh*

    ----> Post more posts and spice it up a bit with some different sorts of content!! I've hardly posted ANYTHING since I've started Once Upon a Bookish Time, and I want to change that!

    ----> Gain more followers!! :D And a start to this is posting more and commenting more!

    Annnd, those are my plans so far :D I'll probably come up with heaps more, but these are what's most important to me at the moment!

    I was wondering, would you be interested in doing some sort of duo post together? I have no idea what or if you're keen, but if you want to throw some ideas around, I'd love too :)

    Frabjous post, Skylar!! *tackle hugs*

    1. I had NO idea the comment was so long! *stares wide eyed*

    2. Dude, no problem. Seriously, you're one of my favorite commenters. *grins*

      Now to tack the giant comment ;) Oh gosh, YES, about the NetGalley ARCs. It's just I have (or had) no time to review but then I kept requesting ARCs that looked awesome >.> Oops. So LOTS of reviewing to catch up on. (Aw, sorry you were sick and glad you're feeling better!)

      ----> EW NO FREEZING I HATE FREEZING. It's so weird for me to think of winter in June, July, etc. lol. But YAY vacation! Reading! All good things. :D

      ----> Grr, yeah, working with blog design (especially html) can be so frustrating and time consuming. One time I accidentally deleted the wrong part of code and I FREAKED out. Gosh. Thankfully nothing too bad happened. I think.

      ----> I can't wait to read all the new posts! ;) *rubs hands together*

      ----> Yes, more followers. Mwahahaha. The innocent things don't have any idea. ;) I need to get back into commenting more myself. It's SO hard to keep up.

      Great plans! I can't wait to see them take place on your blog *jumps up and down*

      YES GOSH YES. Of course! That sounds so fun. Just email me at melodeez2day(at)gmail(dot)com and we can get started brainstorming. (Literally so excited right now.)

      Yay, I'm so glad you liked it! I could get used to these tackle hugs ;)

  2. YES, my ARCs tend to pile up, too. :P I have to restrain myself from grabbing ALL THE BOOKS whenever I go to the bookstore and check out their shelf.

    I love it when I get so many ideas like that! :) Much better than the alternative, which is staring at a blank Word document with this incessant, empty buzzing in your head that's freezing you up. So annoying.

    Uh, not to promote my own book or anything, but the Fauxpocalypse anthology is self-published. XD You know, if you want to help out the little guys like us . . . he he.

    1. I know! Books are everywhere and they just call to me. >.> I'm very bad at restraining.

      I'm really happy too, except that what happens when I get story ideas is that I get a plot idea or a character and then my brain decides to go on creativity leave. ;) Hopefully, it goes better this summer cause I'm really liking these book ideas.

      Haha, I actually have the Fauxpocalypse anthology in e-book format so promote away XD I might be able to feature it on my blog this summer if everything schedules out good!

  3. Happy summer to you to Skylar! <33 Hope you get all your goals accomplished! :D Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

    1. Thanks, Zoe! Happy summer to you too <3 I really hope I get at least the majority of goals done :)

      And thanks for commenting! :D

  4. I love sleeping in :) and procrastinating lol. Hope you're having a great summer. I'm catching up on your blog today :)

    1. Twins! Heh, procrastination XD (No, of course, I never do that. What are you talking about?) *whispers* It happens all the time.

      This summer's been pretty great so far :) Awesome! I kind of freaked out (in a good way) when I saw all your comments today. ;)

  5. I figured you'd probably get freaked out (in a good way :P) if you saw all my comments lol
    I promise I'm not stalking you lol :P


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