When in Class, Be Awkward

7:18 PM

I have been gradually adjusting to participating in social activities. I know, shocker right? In this case, class. Like college class.  So here are the experiences of an introvert in the average college classroom.

There are several things you have to do (well, you don't have to but it improves your grade and all that) such as answer questions, talk to the teacher, pass the roll-call-paper-signing-sheet-thingy around, etc.

I swear these things to be true (to some degree) that...

When you answer a question for the teacher, this happens.

Then you're like this

If the teacher calls you by name for a question or to talk to you, this happens.

If you're forced to talk to someone then you spit out some nonsense like

Of course, they're confused.

And your inner self is telling you

Remember. Never leave the house. Oops, wait. 

Okay. Remember that even though you think that you're the only one who has this disease called "not-wanting-to-socialize-at-all" you are not alone. And it's not a disease or something to be fixed by your well meaning relatives/friends/acquaintances. Maybe you're just awkward, but would love to be around a huge group of friends all the time. There's nothing wrong with you. Not everybody is cut out to be a perfectly friendly, sweet, perky, un-awkward social butterfly. 

You are you and that's okay.

There are loads of people like you. The problem is, they're busy in their closets either hiding from people or trying to find a way into Narnia. 

The Posts for This Upcoming Week:
Tuesday {TUBday}
Wednesday {Waiting on Wednesday linkup}
Friday {A collaboration post on a writing prompt idea with Tansie Gray from Totally Tansie}

That's all of the concrete plans I have for the week. There might be one extra post, but I'm not sure.

NOTE: Can you see all the GIFs? My sister said that she couldn't see the third one on her computer. 

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