University Experience + Big Eighteen

10:12 PM

I am so sorry for not posting as regularly this month, guys. It's been hectic. 

The day before yesterday evening I came home from a huge two-day-long ordeal for scholarship prospects. It. was. exhausting. And my mom is horrible with directions (and I went with her) so we got lost a gazillion times. The school is three and a half hours away. That doesn't leave much room for error.

There were three major things that I had to do for Prospect weekend:

1. Participate in a group discussion, about three highly controversial topics.
2. Write an essay.
3. Participate in a group interview.

The most terrifying one was probably the group interview because the group of prospects (for the scholarship) sat at a long table across from the Honors Council. Yes. I tried to give off a confident vibe but I think I probably looked slightly sick to my stomach.

I also went to two fancy meals at the college. I learned many things. One of them is that it's hard to make small talk. Or answer one of the current college students' questions when I have just taken a huge bite of chicken.

And walking in heels is torture if a) you spent the day before walking all over campus and other places, including lots of stairs, and you're already sore and b) the heels are taller than any you've worn ever. My legs were screaming. You can't say I didn't put in the effort to look "professional"

It would have been nice if I could do this.

But I felt more like this. (I didn't fall though. *fist pump*)

On a side note, all former blog schedules have been thrown away because of the college I had to go to, so something you can expect in the future is a post on my adventures in applying make up. It's hard.

Also, yesterday was my birthday! I turned eighteen. I am now officially an adult (I don't feel like one. I don't look like one either). I didn't celebrate my birthday on time (the day before yesterday) because I was on the road aka coming home from the college program. 

I haven't gotten all my birthday presents yet because my sister's are coming by mail which she constantly reminds me of to annoy me. She always talks about her presents a lot and how she knows I'm going to love them and how she can't wait to see my face when I get them. All this before I actually even see the wrapped presents. Urgh. Frustration. 

Can you really blame me? I mean, come one, they're presents. I'm also graduating in the spring so some people are combining their birthday and graduation presents so the graduation present will be bigger. That works too ;)

I got ten dollars from my dad to spend at a used-books store. I can't show it to you because I already spent it. Oops. Besides looking at money is boring, so I'll show you the books I got with it. 

I got a beautiful necklace with a purple heart (purple's the color of my birthstone) from my mom and my dad. 

I got a phone call from my aunt and uncle who live many states away (states as in America).

I got some money, a card, and Herbal Essences body wash from my grandmother. Woop woop! :D

I got a huge reading assignment from my sociology professor.... I'm joking. But I do have a huge reading assignment. 

We ate out for my birthday at a local Italian restaurant that makes delicious food. I always drink a lot of water though because it's salty (in a good way). Fun Fact: My mom has the same birthday as me. 

Is your mouth watering yet?

Unfortunately we had to share the chocolate cake we got with the other humans. 

My mom, dad, sister, brother, and grandmother all got to eat this.
A photo of me! :)
 Yay! A post with photos and GIFs. I'm on a roll.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now you are an adult which can drink, drive, buy knives, and vote all at once? Gee, adulthood doesn't have a lot of perks. I'm giving mine back and hoping to get a decent refund, honestly. But that chocolate cake looked delicious. Wonderful and delicious. (Sharing with humans is a bit of a downside, I agree.)

  2. Thank you!! Psh, yeah, I don't get it. What's the big deal? It's not like I actually use any of those things all that much. Being able to buy knives when you become an adult kinda seems like, eh I dunno, sending the wrong message.

    It was very delicious (and wonderful). Why couldn't they understand that it was my birthday and let me eat all the cake? XD


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