TUBday | Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

10:33 PM

I'm pretty sure this is a popular song...if you haven't heard it...well, that's what the below video is for, so enjoy!

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

(Once again, I don't preview the music videos so it's pretty much view at your own risk.)

"I'm waking up"

"to ash and dust"

"I wipe my brow, and sweat my rust"

"I'm breathing in the chemicals"

Please let me know if some of the GIFs don't work. 

Also, if you would like me to make you a cover for one of your WIPs (works-in-progress) or completed novels to showcase on your blog/website, I would be happy to design for you using free stock images and different editing programs. I won't charge anything except for recognition on your blog/website (for example: This cover was made by Skylar Finn @ Life of a Random), including a link back to this blog. 

You can find the information to talk to me about it on the 'Contact Me' page. I just think that this would be really neat. And it's free. So, yeah, where are my cover requests? :D Spread the word! You'll be able to check out samples of my designs as soon as I get a page running. 

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  1. *applauses* The 2nd GIF didn't work for me, but that could possibly be my computer. It can be irritable like that. I love this! This is awesome!

    1. Darn it, I hate when that happens -_- You missed the best one too :D It was Captain Jack Sparrow gleefully waving around a jar of dirt above his head with the caption "I got a jar of dirt" I need to find some way to fix the GIFs because you really need to see that. Hmm...

      Thank you! Sometimes I laugh at my own humor 'cause I'm just, you know, hilarious like that XD

    2. I also appreciate your applause.


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