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5:04 PM

I'm still trying to find a way (and a day) to make my songs illustrated by GIFs a regular meme on the blog. I would like it to be on a certain day each week, but for this week I'm just putting it on whenever. Like, right now.

I did this last week on a Tuesday and had loads of fun using a catchy but not-well-known song. This week I'm going to try to choose a song that's more...popular, I guess.

If I used all of the first letters, it would be TUTB buuut if I take out 'the' then it spells TUB. How awesome, right? I now proclaim this day to be TUBday! (ahem. sorry, I get carried away sometimes) I should totally schedule this for Tuesdays. Tuesdays...TUBdays...no?

Royals by Lorde

"But every song's like gold teeth"

"Grey goose"

"Trippin' in the bathroom."

"Blood stains"

"Ball gowns"

"Trashin' the hotel room,"

"We don't care"

"We aren't caught up in your love affair."

On a side note, while I was searching for GIFs I found out that the grey goose that Lorde refers to is a brand of vodka and "trippin' in the bathroom" means they were under drug influence in the bathroom. -_- Hmm, did not know that. But TUBday is just for fun! So just laugh at the idiotic GIF pairings I have given you and don't take anything too seriously :)

Update on the blog design-- It's proceeding...slowly. It has been a painful process getting tabs up under the header. But I really like how it turned out! *high fives myself* There is a little problem with the tabs opening up in a brand new windows tab. >_< Sorry for the inconvenience, I'll try to fix it as soon as possible. In the mean time, any tips you can give me to get that set straight?

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