An Introvert's Interview

4:56 PM

Aghhhh. I just did my first ever college interview by phone. It was terrifying. And only homeschool students have to participate. Prejudiced I tell you. 

This is how I felt the whole time. 

But on the outside, I was like

Apparently, to my mom who was eavesdropping, my voice was "very sweet". Ew, what, no. I don't want a sweet voice. I want a super-boss, I'm-definitely-all-that voice. 

*le sigh* At least I didn't choke on my own mouth water or something equally as embarrassing. I got off with just saying "Um" a little bit. My hand was definitely shaking though. 

This is what human contact does to me. 

Terrifying isn't it. 

I know. I'm glad I didn't look into the mirror. Not only was I hyperventilating (very much), I also turned into a man. Stress does things to me. Maybe I should get it checked. 

Hey, I'm an introvert, okay? And do you know what all introverts have?

That's right. I have minions. You don't. 

I amuse myself so much :) Sorry, for the overabundance of GIFs and memes. I'm going to do it again next time though. Just so you know. 

The college I did the interview for is about an hour and a half (I think) from where I live right now. It has a beautiful campus with lots of gothic-type buildings. And I'm really hoping I get into this one. I'll know by the first week of February. Eeek!

I drove my Mustang last night. I also forgot to put the parking brake off until my dad mentioned it very casually to me but let's not dwell on that. It felt really good to drive it again despite the freezing cold of the outdoors. Very cold here, people. 

I'm in my relaxing clothes right now. This means: a blue and white striped shirt, black fleece jacket, maroon pajama pants, and blue, yellow, and black socks. 

Please don't keel over and die. I promise I only dress like this at home. 

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  1. This post is SO full of awesome. Honestly. It is. I feel like that when I'm around humans too... -_- And I haven't even had to do a super-serious-talk-on-the-phone to anyone before. I hate phones. I have a freakish abhorrence to them. I like the sound of your relaxing clothes! They sound like my normal clothes (except for the pants...I wear denim not pajamas).

    1. Thank you, I try :D Gah, yes, I hate talking on the phone and when I do I talk in short, clipped sentences. Phone conversations are not my thing (or any conversation with humans for that matter). Humans. Who can understand them?

      And now that I think about it...yep, that's pretty much what I wear as well. I think the maroon pajama pants are what made it really crazy :)


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