Best Friends Forever (link-up from The Book Chewers)

7:21 PM

As soon as I saw this link-up, I was like "Ooooh, yay. Something where I can use loads of GIFs and photos that make no sense." And the first sidekicks I thought of were from a movie.

*shakes head* 

1. Issie from Captivate
She was so supportive of Zara and she was so sweet and loyal. Basically, she never stopped believing in Zara (the MC). Ever. And when you read her character you just wanna make sure she stays safe.

"Dude, you tried to kidnap her to bait her mom into coming to you. Then you tried to turn her mom into a pixie. Come on. I mean, no offense, but you are not Daddy of the Year stuff here." Issie steps a little forward. "Plus, you didn't even show up on the scene for what? Sixteen years? That's lame. Seriously. That is very deadbeat dad stuff right there."

Everyone should have a friend like that. Any volunteers? No?

2. Iko from Cinder
You really can't beat a robot that has a personality. You just can't.

"Cinder," Iko said after a few silent minutes of explorations. "I'm enormous."

3. Xemerius (gargoyle demon) from Sapphire Blue
Xemerius is the funniest ghost to have ever lived. Or died. Erm. Anyways, his humor had me cracking up almost the whole book. He was the life of the party, people. Okay, that was unintentional.

"Did you miss me?" Xemerius sprawled contentedly in his seat as the car purred away. Mr. Marley was sitting in the front, and Charlotte, beside me, was staring out of the window in silence. 

"Glad to hear it," said Xemerius, without waiting for an answer. "But I'm sure you realize I have other duties too. I can't be looking after you the whole time."

I rolled my eyes, and Xemerius giggled. 

Just a hint. Xemerius doesn't have other duties. He's a delightful nuisance and adds SO much humor to the book. 

4. Samantha from Enthusiasm
So protective of the main character. And pure awesome, because she's does gymnastics.

"Happy birthday," she said. "These are from my idiot brother. I'm delivering them personally to make sure the message comes through loud and clear. They're not romantic flowers. They're happy-birthday, I'm-sorry-I-molested-you, will-you-ever-forgive-me-or-does-my-sister-have-to-kill-me flowers."

"I wanted to get you roses, but Sam wouldn't let me," called Zach from the car. 

"Shut up!" said Sam, and hit him through the window. 

Hahahaha. Oh my gosh. I'm sorry, the violence makes me happy.

5. Indelible Ink from Indelible
I don't know how to describe Ink. He was so disconnected from the world at first, and in his own words, it was so that he and his sister, Inq, would always be needed and would never have to be gotten rid of. He looked at Joy with what I can only describe as wonder. 

And it was beautiful. 

Call me a romantic. I don't care. 

"Yes," he said tenderly. "Yes, Joy Malone. But you don't need my mark to be mine."

Joy almost laughed. Almost. "I 'don't'?" [in which I note that it's in quote marks because he never used to use contractions]

"No. You don't," he said. "I do not bear your mark, and I am yours." He touched her face softly. Joy's senses rose to meet him. Ink wiped a thumb wondrously over her cheek. "It is...a feeling we share that needs only to be named."

Also, he gives tattoos to those who have been claimed by various folk of the fae world. His name is awesome too. 

Here are the movie sidekicks that immediately jumped out at me:

The Triplets of Brave (from Brave. Dur.)
I swear I can't remember their names. I'm sorry. Hamish, Hubert, and Angus? Oops, wait. Angus is the horse. Hamish, Hubert, and Harris? Maybe. I've noticed that the one on the left makes that face in every picture. His whole face just says, "Ha! You can't make me." AND THEIR HAIR!!  
The Sluuuug, Otherwise Known as Mub (from Epic)

I'm having to look up each and every one of these characters' names. Just wanted to let you know. Mub is so awesome and he is so funny, also providing healthy rivalry for M.K.

No shell over hurrr, baby.
Ozzie the Three-Legged Dog (from Epic)

I probably shouldn't have, but I laughed  SO hard when he fell over. I almost couldn't breathe.  

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  1. Yay for Iko! She's definitely one of my favourite side kicks of all time. I mean, she's hilarious . I love how she's so there for Cinder, even if she's not a robot but a...ship. Half the reason I'm dying for CRESS is to find out what happens to Iko!! XD
    Thanks for joining in our linkup!

    1. Oh gosh yeah! She is so funny and loyal to Cinder. I was so happy when Cinder found her memory chip thingy when she was smashed. But very mad that she got smashed in the first place.

      And no problem, cause I had loads of fun with the topic :D


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