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So this blog is relatively new for those of you who don't know. I started it in May last year because I was bored with my older blog. I wanted a fresh, new try at blogging. I wanted to try to be more creative and funny.

I didn't want to just reflect on life (even though reflecting is good. I've heard that's how mirrors work), although I will do some deep posts in the future. I think I wanted a freer atmosphere or something. Not so stilted and formal.

I'm rambling, aren't I?

I'm not quite happy with the current design, but it's gonna have to do until I 1)find a better template on blogger and better backgrounds or 2)learn how to design the blog myself with html *shudders*. I do know some basic html for editing-words-type-stuff but that's about it. I think it would be fun to learn though :)

I just wanted to post some blog statistics today for fun. I know they're not massive compared to some other blogs but I'm proud (and really, really excited) about them. And, I don't know, it just seems like a neat thing to do.

Top 3 Traffic Sources:

note: these websites confuse me. because they're stat websites for big time websites, so...yeah. Do these websites form the bulk of your blog traffic sources? #extremelycurious

Annnnd I have six page views from Google. Eeek!

Top 3 Posts for the Month:
1. "What Does the Cover Say?"
2. "Writing Partners(...and weird GIFs. All part of TCWT)"
3. "Stacking the Shelves{1}"

"What Does the Cover Say?" was a linkup, "Writing Partners" was part of a blog chain, and "Stacking the Shelves" was also a linkup. A very popular one. If you're looking to get more pageviews, I would suggest doing linkups. But also, they are extremely fun. Make sure to comment on the posts of every blog that participated (if it isn't an overwhelming amount). Personally I love getting comments and I just feel like I should do a lot of comments as well even if the other blogger doesn't care about comments as much as I do.

Top 3 Pageviews by Country for the Month:
1. United States, 601 pageviews
2. Malaysia, 366 pageviews
3. Spain, 11 pageviews

And I have three followers! Thanks, guys. :D

I have a problem with writer's block, which is why sometimes there isn't another post for like a week or something, and my old blog was literally called Writer's Block.

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with exciting, fresh ideas. I mean, almost everything under the sun has been blogged to death. So I'm going to put some tips below here, as an avid blog reader (I'm not accredited. Use tips with caution).

  • Write about your everyday life. Projects, trips...anything. It may seem boring to you, but to us it's really neat reading about someone else's life. And if we find that we have something in common? Boom! Instant coolness factor. 
  • Give tutorials. Tell us how to use basic (and I emphasize basic) html to tweak our blogs. Teach us how to do some artsy/craftsy stuff. We might try, but even if we didn't we liked seeing the finished product you got. We think you're awesome. Basically. 
  • Post a short story or tidbits from your work-in-progress. Show us pictures of your characters and pins that describe them to a point. We like reading about them. We'll probably cyber-scream at you to publish the book, just saying. Don't be intimidated! If you're not comfortable putting loads of stuff out there, we understand. After all, most of us write some too. 
  • Make neat lists. Top Ten Books of the Year, Epic Fantasy Movies, Best Resources for Teen Writers, Top Five Things You Like to Do in Your Free Time. Lists are scrumptious. Besides that, they're easy and fast to read. 
  • If you're an introvert, don't be shy (lol none of us are in the blogosphere. It's the humans that terrify us. shh don't tell). Talk about being an introvert. How do introverts act when they meet new people? (Hint: it's not pretty) Us introverts will clap like fools and grin widely. We'll be like, "That's it exactly! There are people like me out in the world!" Hey, we're an awesome bunch. 
  • If you're an extrovert, talk about being an extrovert. Talk about yourself and how you look at things. Chances are, not only will you get fellow extroverts to read and comment, but introverts as well. The distance of cyberspace makes us bolder. And we definitely know a few extroverts. 

Are you out of your writer's block (blogger's block? wait, that just sounds dumb) slump yet? Great if you are! I'm so glad I could help. If you're not, google "neat blogging ideas" or "*funny (*insert any adjective) blog post ideas." There are loads of results. Check out writing prompt websites as well. Loads of ideas there. 

CURRENTLY READING: The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross
FAVORITE SONG: (grr this is hard) Notice Me by Alli Simpson
LAST MOVIE WATCHED: The Butler (really good by the way. It's pretty much historical, dealing with civil rights and all that)

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I love hearing from you guys! Tell me all the things. Talk to me. Except not in real life. I don't do that ish. #introvertlife

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