Scarves + Fifth Harmony

7:08 PM

So I'm extremely proud. I've managed to write 4,686 words or ten Microsoft word pages in two days, which might not be a lot to you guys (in fact I'm pretty sure it's not) but I'm glad I made myself do this project. 

I have even almost convinced myself that I can start my own novel pretty soon. Which would be awesome sauce. 

Today was so rainy and nasty! Blegh. Our backyard is literally brown slop with tiny dots of grass. I also painted my nails today, I usually don't because I am SO clumsy and usually scrape the not-dry-yet nails against something and mess them up. But I did them today and they look okay. 

On another note, a while ago, one of my aunts showed me how to make scarves with a type of crocheted yarn/lace. It's really simple and fun (and the scarves are beautiful). 

It might be neat to post the easy steps on how to make them here. They're perfect for birthday gifts or Christmas gifts if you celebrate Christmas (I don't, but each to their own).


Pretty, right? And there are so many blends of color that the materials come in. Personally, I think the blue's gorgeous. :) The other scarf is black in case you're wondering (because my sister just said "Maybe it's the lighting, but it looks blue") So. It's not blue. Yay!

Hehe. Okay, I'm done. Really. 

Enjoy this song (Better Together by Fifth Harmony). This group is pretty new and I really like their style. Hope you do to!


                                                                Hugs and Coolness, 


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