If I Fall (You Better Catch Me or I'll Punch You)

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To me, whenever I like a book so much that I want to curl up in a ball and hug it forever, it's because of the characters. The characters breathe life into the words. And when I get a story idea, it usually starts with a character. I am having so much fun writing for two characters in a co-written book-- If I Fall. It's really helped me mature with writing distinctive voices.

And so I give you (dun, dun, dun) snippets from this current WIP... and some cool pictures from pinterest as well.

© 2013 All characters and story snippets are the works of me and my co-writer. Do not copy without express permission or without crediting the original authors. 


The reason why Caster is blank is because my co-writer is being extremely picky about what person to agree on (If I Fall is sort of a fanfic of one of her original novels so...I have to defer to her. unfortunately). I'm not sure about Skylar but it's pretty accurate for now.


(Caster's POV) 
She snorts. "I do not need your help."

Um, yes, Yes, you do. I know because I'm fabulous. 

(Skylar's POV)
"Do you have no experience with human emotions?" He asks. 

I snort. 

He looks at me. "Oh. Right. Of course you don't. I forgot who your friends are." You don't know my friends. 

My stomach growls.

"Shut up," I grumble at it. I walk.

I knock and wait for Mom to come rushing to the door, smudged with grease and dust. 

Apparently she's an inventor. 

Understandably, I hesitate when the door flings wide open and an almost-red apple is thrust into my face. 

Sometimes I wish I was a star. I could leave this place. See my mom and dad again. 

I remember to hold my arm behind my back and push him with every punch my left arm delivers. This time he doesn't just block. He actually punches back and lands a few hits. I smile. 

"That's more like it," I say softly. 

Skylar and Caster are not a couple. Just wanted to clear that up.

                                                       I hope you enjoyed these excerpts!


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  1. Well, of course I need to be picky about Caster's face. His character is perfection. You have to deliver. Ta-ta!


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