Once a Writer, Always a Writer

9:19 PM

I'm in the middle of a lovely, delicious vacation. I haven't done anything useful. Well, except for cleaning my room.

I just wanted to do a short little post before I head back to my headphones and word document.

I'm going to, at last, talk about writing. *gasp* I've always written. I think I started making handwritten "books" (meaning seven pages long with awful hand drawn covers) when I was seven or so. I can't remember exactly. But back then I finished most of my little stories and I took great pride in stapling them together and coloring in the pictures with marker (which I, to this day, still get all over my hands if I use them).

Exhibit A- sorry for the neck-craning position...not sorry enough to fiddle around with it though ;) 

Then there has been a long period of time where I haven't really finished any books at all. I just get an idea or a character and write about ten pages or so and leave off. It's not very encouraging...but my younger sister finally forced me to co-write a story with her. And I'm glad she did (but she would have never been able to without me agreeing). It's given me a goal to work towards, expectations other than my own to fulfill, and it's given me the ability to say "Yeah, I've written a forty page manuscript. Why? Haven't you?" *huge smirk*

I think that's one of the most important rules of writing that exists. It doesn't matter if your writing is perfect (it's not. or at least mine's not), just keep on writing. You might not want to write one day, the computer keyboard might look disgusting, but you just plop those headphones on, crank up the music, and pound away.

Push yourself.

It's worth it.

A few good things I need to write are 1) a writing partner {or annoying little sister}, 2) good music, and 3) a computer. I cannot write anything without a computer. I mean, I can, but it's painfully slow, I run out of ideas, and my hand cramps up. Yeah.

One time I had to write an in-class essay and beside freaking out over the time limit, I had blue all on the side of my hand (from the blue lines on the lined paper) and my hands were crippled. It was hideous.

On to the glorious parts of writing! Wait, you mean there are? Sorry, I'm being negative. Bad self. There are amazing parts. You get to create worlds, characters, and ideas of your own. You get to look at the page count of your document and grin. You get to make covers (seriously. it's amazing) You get to celebrate with chocolate. You get to agonize over the perfect title.

All in all, I'm a writer at heart even though I tried to quit.

                                                             Write on brave souls,

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