Out of the Box (Regona City: The Creed)

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Presenting (drumroll please): OUT OF THE BOX aka the new thing where I spotlight completed Wattpad books. Yay!

Regona City: The Creed by Voif1d (otherwise known as Angelika Gabriele on facebook. It could be a pen name as well, I'm not sure.)

Book Stats:
  • 94 pages
  • 53, 738 reads
  • 2,455 votes

No one seemed to want the shy blonde who was always lost in her own world. Abandoned by her parents as an infant, Sahara grew up in a home for trouble teens not even foster parents wanted to take care of. However, things change when she mysteriously finds herself transported to a world not her own.

Now, with the help of a mysterious bad boy, who is addicted to strawberry milk, Sahara sets out on a journey to find a way to go back home. Yet, to do so, she will have to rise to the top of the pyramid in a city where hover boarding is the way of life. As more and more crazy characters join her journey, Sahara is immersed in a dangerous world which only abides by one law: The Creed.

Okay, I must confess voif1d is one of my favorite authors on Wattpad. 

The cast of characters in Regona City is one of my favorites as well. I just love all of them! I laughed so hard when reading it and and couldn't stop reading until it was finished (it's way too short). 

First of all, Sahara is quiet, shy, overwhelmed by people in general and...that's almost exactly like me. I am Sahara, Sahara is me. We are one. And you know the quality that some leaders have? Where they aren't kick-butt or fit or hardened, but people follow them because they know that person genuinely cares about them and trusts them? That's Sahara all the way. And I think it's neat because almost every heroine is kick butt in some way and...well, Sahara isn't. 

The first rule of all of Regona City is--don't trust anyone. 

But Sahara somehow gets a rag-tag hover board team together. They all (or almost all) adore her because she trusts them right off (Terrel, the bad boy who's addicted to strawberry milk, calls it 'naive') and they return that with really strong loyalty and it's just awesome. 

Also, I have to mention again, I have never laughed as hard at any book as I did at this one. It's just full of awkwardness, craziness, and sarcasm. *le sigh* 

The link to the book is here.

                                                         Have fun reading,

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