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2:59 PM

I guess you could say that this is just an update post on what's going on in my life. Ahem. Not much. I have read loads more books than I did for a while (mainly because my college class is already out for the semester!). And I got accepted into two colleges. Woop woop!

Haha, yeah, I'm pretty psyched about it. 

I got a book idea yesterday out of the blue (yeah, i know. I was shocked too). But I'm already working on two projects so I told myself that I would not start any new books until I finish the ones I'm working on. To further force myself to leave that idea alone, I printed out the idea and summary, etc. and folded it up. I will be doing that to all the story ideas I get from this point on. And when I want a project to work on or inspiration, I will unfold one. 

This unfolds into a paper box. But basically it's a way that I can save the idea without having to look at it and without thinking about it (haha who am I kidding). 

I have a pretty big TBR pile (metaphorically... they're e-versions though), which is awesome. 

Cross My Heart by Sasha Gould

Glass Houses by Rachel Caine

The Damascus Way by Davis Bunn & Janette Oke
(I'm actually right in the middle of reading this one. I used to be crazy about this type of book...after borrowing a couple similar titles...not so much.)

Parallel by Lauren Miller

I re-watched Prince Caspian (Narnia movies) today and it was still awesome. Susan's armor is so kick-butt! And the story was also good :P At the end of the movie it started to play a song that my sister has been listening to all the time recently and my jaw literally dropped. I was like I KNOW THAT SONG. And she very calmly and sarcastically said, "Where do you think I found it?" 


That's sisters for you. 

                                                                 Have an awesome day, 

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  1. Calm and sarcastic? I am pleased. It is my goal to be the voice of sarcated reason. Also, I do, in fact, know that sarcated is not a word.


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