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I'm back from college for winter break! GET HYPE. I'm really excited to watch my favorite shows, read, do my own art projects...sleep maybe. But I'm not here to talk about sleeping, no matter how much I love it. I'm here to bring you all the things I've learned about being an adult. Which are a lot obviously. I'm a pro.

1. Bread molds way too fast. Except for the cheap kind that doesn't really even smell like bread. THAT pretty much lasts forever. 

2. For the first few weeks, college cafeteria food is not as bad as they said, and yet somehow three months later becomes just as bad as they said. 

3. Meat is way too expensive. And complicated. Who has time for seasoning, marinating,... whatever the heck you call it when you have to soften the meat? Isn't meat already soft? If it's not, then doesn't that mean you probably shouldn't try to cook it anyway?

4. Cooking in general takes way too much time. Time you could be using to ignore all your problems or to stress over that test that counts for 30% of your grade.  

5. Paying bills is gross. You lose money (need I say more?), and you have to stay in close contact with other humans for long periods of time in something they call a "line."

6. There are only so many ways to cook bell peppers. Even if they're one of the vegetables that stay good the longest. Find another vegetable.  

7. On that note, remember your vegetables. They're so easy to leave out because you're like well I have my meats, my potatoes, all the filling stuff. I don't need vegetables. Ya need vegetables. 

8. You need to learn how to cook more than the same 2 or 3 recipes that you've used forever. Your taste buds will thank you.

9. Pizza is not something you can possibly get tired of. One, it's delicious. Two, it's SO easy to fix. Hi microwave, meet pizza. 45 seconds. Bam.  

10. The only time you'll want to binge watch something will be when you're not supposed to. 

11. Family invitations are no longer a thing. You get a separate invitation now. Because you're an adult. 

12. Expiration dates are a real and dangerous problem, okay? Milk goes bad in like 1 minute. 

13. This may seem like a no-brainer but: keys, wallet, and phone. Keep them on you at all times. They are key (pun not intended) to your survival. And your student ID card. I probably don't have to tell you this but...don't lose it. 

14. Talking to yourself is not weird. It's not. I'm just alleviating your concern because it will happen. 

15. YOU have to set up doctor's appointments. YOU have to. 


16. You should probably not have a living animal with you where you live....or a living plant. You can barely feed yourself most of the time. Don't do it.

17. Your responsibility has increased 100x. You have to make sure you go to class (on time), get your groceries, pay the bills, rent/return textbooks...you're basically your own mom now which is terrifying to say the least. 

18. Google is your best friend.

19. Probably turn on the GPS/location on your phone. That way you can track it down on your computer when you lose it in between the time you leave your room to the time you get to class 15 minutes later because you zoned out.

20. Everyone knows that weather doesn't listen. So you might as well take an umbrella with you wherever you go. Sunny with a high of 95 (Fahrenheit)? Doesn't matter. You should just probably take your umbrella. 

21. You might not feel like you have everything under control, but no one does. Every other college student is trying to learn how to be an adult just as frantically as you. #BluffingGame

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  1. I get sick of the cafeteria food at my writer's camps after the first couple days, I can't imagine how sick of it you must be after months!

    Hahahahahaha, I only ever want to binge-watch shows when I have homework to do. Or chores. Or anything responsible in the slightest.

    Google and I have always been best buds. We're practically married now. You could be looking at Mrs. Google.

    OMG, that Doctor gif might just be my motto for the rest of my life. xD That and now the brilliant Newt Scamander: "My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice."

    1. Oh my gosh, so easy to get tired of especially since they pretty much rotate the menu.


      It would be my honor to meet Mrs. Google. Is it as easy as it looks being the Google wifey? ;)

      I am pretty sure that one of the huge reasons I feel like hibernating all the time when I'm at school is because of all the stress and "making it up" lol. But it's good to find out things on your own :)

      It's nice to talk to you again! <3

  2. It already kills me to be in my last school year so I'm glad that I'm not in charge. Yet.
    Learn and do things with my own responsibility? I'm waaay past the point that my parents could help me with my math homework :D and I mean, I don't pay taxes, I don't earn money, yet my parents actually leave the organization of my life in some parts to me and the don't even keep me out of conversations on anything, plus apparently they don't have much more self control than me when it comes to stuff like chocolate coffee and surfing on the web, so it's almost frustrating, while they still manage everything they do so much better than me and how the heck do they do that :P
    But still, to be honest, in the end, when they realize I'm crushing everything to pieces, I'm still really glad that the lend me their helping hand :-)


    1. It's always super nice when parents help out with their bottomless wells of knowledge :) It's really great that you kind of do things on your own already! For me, it was a bigger change so it took a little time to adjust to and get used to being super independent.

      (Who has self control when it comes to chocolate and surfing the web? That would be unnatural ;) )


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