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I am three!! Well, not me, but this blog. Life of a Random is THREE YEARS OLD. Already. Gosh time has passed so fast, and I have loved every minute.

What does this mean??

It means talking about how this blog was born (pretty much void of flair tbh), cool graphics, and *regal pause*



No, actually it's super boring. Probably the most boring, not-interesting blog origin story ever. And here it is:

One day I woke up. It was a regular day. Nothing really happening.

And I made a blog. Please pause to take this in.

Tadah! Okaaay well it might have been a little more complex than that but I'm not lying when I say that's the basic story.

The longer, extended version is this: I had already been reading a lot of blogs and learning about the community (but not the YA community yet) so I knew about it and thought it was super cool. I also really wanted/needed an outlet for my thoughts that I knew people could read. I wanted to be able to be appreciated by people on the sole basis of what I wrote.

I guess I... needed to be recognized a little bit. It was also because my first blog (which doesn't exist anymore thank god) was gross and led to this, my second one, so even though the recognition thing is still very much appreciated I was also able to discover a whole new world--the YA book blogging community.

[aaaand this tells me I may have to get back on my book posts game otherwise this is going to turn into a K-pop blog hehe. also, Ely's pretty good at what she does ^^]

[you also seem to like learning about my blogging plans which is gratifying on many levels]

I also have a really exciting announcement to make! I will be opening up a little project on the side in which I'm gonna make headers (just headers for now) for any Blogger based blog for FREE. I can't really unveil/make a page for anything right now, but it will be up soon (in the form of a page on this blog probably) along with any other important info. 

I would love to hit 50 followers. I've been dithering around in the 42-43 area for a preetty long time and 50 JUST LOOKS BEAUTIFUL. I like even numbers. And it's tidy. So if you would like to help out in my quest for greatness please tweet about my giveaways as much as possible and feel free to check out my posts (you can even read my older ones if you have to) and see if you'd like to follow me :)


Because of my lack of planning, some crucial things are missing right now... like pictures of the prizes. I can't put them in here cause I don't have my laptop right now but I'll do my best to describe them so you can imagine them. 

This first one is pretty self-explanatory. The Girl in the Steel Corset is an amazing steampunk YA novel (part of a series *wiggles eyebrows*). The characters are squad goals to be honest and there is just so much action and mystery packed into this book. Plus the cover. 10 out of 10. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This second giveaway is a little different. There's no book merch or anything... this is a stationery packet made up of really artsy, pretty notebooks (*cough* possibly some from my trip), stickers, and stuff like that. I LOVE collecting these things so I thought it'd be a cool thing to do!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

May the odds be ever in your favor. Thanks for being a part of my blog and its story <3 (Also, I'm really sorry if there are any international peeps who are missing out on the giveaways. I'll try to work towards being able to at least do SOME international things)

What's your favorite not-so-popular-or-well-known-book? AND, would you maybe be interested in having my work on your blog's face?

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  1. My favorite lesser known book is Curio by Evangeline Denmark which is also a steampunk novel. XD It'd depend on what exactly the stationary looks like. I may use someone of it cover one of my sketchbooks. I like to cover my sketch books with memotos. ^ ^ Happy Bloggoversary!


    1. *promptly looks up Curio on Goodreads* I need to get back into steampunk books again. They're just so cool. I have a thing for the clothes too XD

      I've been thinking about getting some stickers to put on my laptop kinda like how you do with your sketchbooks :) My roommate does that and her computer looks mucho nice. Thanks!

  2. Happy Blogoversary! Basically how my blog came to be too.

    1. Thank youuuu! Haha I just mentally snort every time someone asks me if there's an inspirational story behind my blog.

      Because nope. Not really.


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