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Heyyy. I just got back from Taiwan a couple days ago, which would explain why I haven't gotten around to replying to comments yet, and I'm still SO jetlagged and urngh. BUT, it was awesome and there will be a post to come. ^^

The important thing now is that this is part two, the part where I reveal what the gifts actually look like hehe. (I would have done this earlier but I posted the actual giveaway post while in Taiwan and I hadn't loaded pictures up and it was a mess). 

I seriously love this book SO much, it's probably the book that got me into steampunk, and I can't believe more people haven't read it. And also you know spread the word about my giveaway and try to win it yourself ;)

Here are the pictures you probably were the most curious about :) This is the stationery pack in completion and, yes, there are actually two things from Taiwan. The adorable dessert notebook (it has white pages without lines) aaand the antique paper looking one (which is wide-ruled). 

The "dreams" notepad is wide-ruled too and I just love the calligraphic-like wording. SO PRETTY. The book of labels is filled with blank stickers that you could use for writing addresses on letters or whatever else you think of.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I extended the giveaway time because of the picture thing so you still have time if you haven't entered yet! GO GO GO. (P.S. If you already entered these two giveaways on the other post, you don't have to enter again/comment again etc. on this one. :) )

If you want to read all the cool stuff like how this blog got started and a new blog-related art project I'm starting, you can check out HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY TO MOI | Part I.

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