Introducing: Freshmen Assemble

8:00 AM

I'm proud to introduce *drumroll*

Freshmen Assemble is a blog project that I thought of during the hectic process that is preparing-for-my-first-year-of-college. Basically, two other book bloggers and myself are going to write about our experiences related to college.

When this project idea popped into my head, I literally couldn't get it out until I had typed down the (horrible) first version of rules and topics and sent a few emails out to other bloggers I knew were headed for college this fall. Two of them replied and that's how this whole thing got started. They're awesome and I can't wait for you to meet them! I will be linking to their posts on each of my Freshmen Assemble posts (we will be covering the same general areas), so make sure to check them out and give them comment love. :)

Introducing the participating bloggers:

(Note: Links to the respective bloggers' blogs are in the Blogger Name @Blog Name)

When left to her own devices, Sophia naturally gravitates towards books (this has been proven through countless scientific studies). She enjoys reading practically anything - from classics to YA and anything in between - just as long as it has a solid plot and well-thought-out characters. Sophia also hopes to one day contribute to the literary world with books of her own. Though her natural writer's habitat is the novel, she occasionally wanders into the realm of short stories, and is currently working on a couple of the latter, in addition to her major WIP: a novel about masks, magic, and Venice. Sophia is an introvert who doesn't mind hanging out with people, especially if they will indulge her in a book discussion! Aside from literature and all that good stuff, she loves science and math, and is planning to major in Chemistry (with a minor in English) and is on the pre-Med track. 

My name is Ashtyn or Ash. I am a college freshman, as I’m sure you have guessed. I have lived in southern California my entire life and am taking the leap up north and moving to Washington to attend Western Washington University this fall (go Vikings!). I’m excited to start classes and intend to major in Creative Writing, although I have yet to declare. I’m most excited about learning new things, trying sports and activities I never have before (I want to kayak so badly), and meeting new people. I’m half excited, half absolutely terrified and I’m ready to share my experiences with you.

You guys already know me, but I thought I'd hop in and do this for fun anyways. The pseudonym I use for blogging is Skylar Finn, but my real name is Selena. I blog about books and life right here on Life of a Random. It's my favorite thing. Seriously. Besides constantly tweaking the blog design and reading, I'm getting ready for my first year as an Art major with an emphasis in Design at Tennessee Technological University which is around two hours from my house. And...which I'll be moving too. I'm super excited but also super nervous because people. I'm a shy introvert (Woop!) and this whole socialization thing is tricky. I think it's pretty safe to say I won't be getting into any sports activities (unless the coolness out does the painfulness) but I might be checking out things like singing or photography.

And that completes the introductions. Our posts will start tomorrow and end on Friday. We hope you'll follow us on our college experiences and maybe learn some useful tips on the way. :)

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  1. This is going to be such a fun blog project! Thanks for the invite and I can't wait to get started!

    1. I'm so glad you're a part of this, Ashtyn! It will the AWESOMEST fun ever. I can't wait to read your posts :)

  2. YAY! This is going to be spectacular!

    1. IT IS. I'm so excited! (I'm especially psyched about reading yours and Ashtyn's experiences).


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