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Sunday Swoons is a weekly feature hosted by Briana @Reader, Writer, Critic and me on the wonders of romance in fiction. We talk about anything from our favorite couples to what kinds of food we think fictional couples are (Sue us, we're creative like that). This Sunday we're going with re-writing the titles of certain books to describe the main couple's relationship. OR, you can go for another option which is re-writing the first line of the blurb to describe the main couple better. Link-up! Have fun! Eat chocolate! And don't forget to check out Briana's post. :)

For a more detailed and complete list of rules, go here.

NOTE: We're not trying to steal from Cait's Honest YA's at all. Pinky promise. We could never compete with that ;) Having said that, go check them out. :)

Sassy Spoof

I'm not sure how this is going to I have a questionable sense of humor BUT I'm gonna try. And you will pretend I'm funny. Right? Right???

If I make fun of a book it doesn't mean I hate it, in fact I might love it. I just like making fun of things. 


AKA Let's Fixate on Each Other.

Some of the metaphors Juliette uses are....kinda far out. I love this book but I read a review wherein the person who wrote the review ranted about the awful description that she just couldn't understand. And then she talked about Mafi's author's note (or whatever the heck it's called where you thank people) where she used a huge, unrealistic metaphor and the review writer was like SHE ACTUALLY TALKS LIKE THAT IN REAL LIFE? It just cracked me up.


AKA Which One is Better?

Need I say more? To everyone who has read this, you understand. To everyone who has not, you don't want to understand. But I'll give you a hint-- love triangle.


AKA Kissing Makes Everything Better


AKA I See You...Out of the Corner of My Eye.

Okay, that's it for today. Hope you like and link up! If you have ideas for Sunday Swoons topics feel free to comment your idea below or tweet me and Briana or whatever way you feel most comfortable with. :) 

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  1. Beautiful as always darling! I havent read all of those yet, but I have read most andvthe accuracy of your new titles is jut outstanding! ;)

    1. Thanks babe ;) Haha I tried, I tried. Yours was awesome too!

  2. "Kissing Makes Everything Better"

    Total and utter yuss

    1. Right? ;) It's the one thing that I really didn't like (especially once it was pointed out by a few people).


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