Who Am I?

9:41 PM

That got your attention didn't it. This is a post that I've been thinking about writing for a long time. It's kind of a introduction post and kind of a clarification post.

I want to talk about my name.

Around the time I started this blog, I decided to come up with a pen name in case I ever wanted to publish a book under one. Then, because I was paranoid over revealing any real-life information (courtesy of the mom), I decided to use that pen name as my name on Life of a Random too.

In other words, Skylar Finn is my pen name and identity in the blogging community. I love it! I probably will write something under it, but...at the same time, I want people to become familiar with my real name too in case I ever publish anything under that or even meet some of you awesome people in real life.

My real name is Selena Hughes. I go by Selena to almost everyone I know. No nicknames because...um just because.

This brings me to a tricky situation when I do guest posts or collaborations. What do I say my name is? What do I put in my bio? Also, there's the weirdness of signing my emails. Huh. Am I Skylar or Selena when I write emails?

And it seems a little weird when I sign everything as Skylar/Selena. It's confusing (because they start with the same letter) and not professional looking at all. I did make it a point, though, from the beginning of Life of a Random to make sure it was very clear in the description on the sidebar that Skylar Finn is a pen name. I've put my real name on my 'about me' page. I even added it to my Twitter:

I have debated on whether I should stick completely with Skylar Finn or my real name, and finally I think the best thing would be to work towards being known equally, or almost equally, by both. A great example of this would be The Magic Violinist aka Kate Foley.

Skylar Finn equals pen name. And my real name is Selena Hughes. Just for clarification ;) I even prefer being called Skylar on bloggy things like commenting so don't worry about addressing me as Selena always from now on. I just wanted to make everything clear!

Are any of you trying to work through these kinds of problems too? Have any of you figured out a non-awkward way to deal with it, especially in emails? Tell me! (And that was meant in the most undemanding way ever.)

In other news....
We have a winner!
Jeann won the signed bookmarks! I will be contacting you soon, Jeann :) 

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  1. You're doing great so far. :) Honestly, it'll just take time for people to know you by both names. I think it's easier for people like me because our online name is obviously fake, seeing as no one would name their baby Magic Violinist :P Great post!

    1. Thanks, Kate. :) Time *sigh* Let me have patience...Haha, yeah, I thought of that later, but then it was too late to change my nom de plume to like, the Chocolate Ninja, or something. ;)

      Honestly, sometimes I forget that you're (oh my gosh) FOUR years younger than me. I'm way too old. You're the best and thanks so much for all the advice!

    2. No problem! :) Good luck with everything!

  2. Skylar - This is really interesting! I agree with Kate - I think you're doing fabulous so far! I don't have a penname so I'm kind of oblivious to the challenges it presents, but this post has definitely given me a great insider's view to what it's like! :D

    Thanks for sharing! <3

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

    1. Thanks for that encouraging comment! I'm trying my best to fit the two names in all the little places XD SO glad you liked this little view into my pen name problems :D

      Thanks for commenting, girl! <33

  3. You have a beautiful name. Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while though I keep meaning to and have subscribed by email to your blog so I get the posts you do. You have a terrific blog and you chose a terrific pen name as well. One day, when you're older, you're gonna look back on this post "Who Am I?" and laugh and think lol, I wrote that. Btw, the title made me think of one of my favorite Jackie Chan movies - WHO AM I. And one more thing, Miss Selena and Miss Skylar, you're as beautiful on the outside as inside. That's one terrific smile :)

    1. I don't know if I can handle all these compliments *blushes* But thank you so much! I completely understand about you being busy because I don't get to visit my favorite blogs nearly as much as I want to.

      Haha, I bet so. Hard things always look so much easier when you're past them. I've never heard of that movie but now that you mention it...I'm gonna check it out one of these days hopefully.

      Thank you, S.R.! :)) *grins extremely big*


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