Really Quick Announcement (My Computer's Being Bad)

8:20 PM

As you've probably guessed, my computer is giving me problems. Problems like: Oh, I've decided not to turn on today problems.

Facts are-- I only need it to turn on one more time so I can save all my stuff. Crossed fingers this happens. :/

Aaaanyways, I won't be able to post too much. I'll still post using my mom's computer sometimes but the sad part is she actually uses it quite a bit. I will be getting a new computer but not for a little while yet. In the mean time, hugs and chocolate to you guys and sorry for yet another lull in posts :(

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  1. You too? Mine is on a medical holiday in Dubai (why oh why couldn't it have been international warranty?) Thank god for selfless people and their dependable computers.

    1. YES. I know how frustrating that is :/ I've gotten what feels like a string of bad computers.. Hope everything gets fixed with your computer!! (And that it doesn't need fixed again *crossed fingers*)

      And ditto. :) If there were no computers available at all. Uhh. Not good.

  2. Aw, that sucks. :P Bad computer! The blogging world will miss you tremendously!

    1. It does. >.< Aw thanks, Kate :) I've tried yelling at my laptop but amazingly it hasn't worked ;)


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