April Books Recap

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Now April has ended...I'm in the final stretch of senior year (in high school). It will be a relief when school's done and I can focus on getting ready for college. I've chosen which college I'm going to by the way. :) And I'm going to stay in the dorms, so you can expect some "a day in the life" posts.

But the purpose of this post is to tell you all about the twenty books few books I read. I didn't read a crazy amount. It was really quite pitiful, but I am happy that I didn't read less than last month.

How many books did I read in April?
Eight. And it is the same amount as I read in March considering I counted a book I DNF'd in March (sorry). 6 YA novels and 2 adult. 

Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay. I was mindblown and hungover after I read it. Just. Urngh. FEELS. The premise was so unique, as a paranormal Romeo & Juliet (sort of) re-telling. Except it's not. It's extremely one-of-a-kind and I loved Juliet. Romeo was the most confusing and well-written villains of all time. And the ending was perfect. 

Least Favorite?
Probably The Captive Maiden. It wasn't a bad book at all, just the one I didn't like as much as the rest (I gave it three stars). It was cute and the setting was neat, but I didn't connect to the characters that much and for me that's a big thing. 

Favorite cover(s)?
The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater. Oh my gosh. Let me tell you, I borrowed it from the library and it was hardcover and beautiful and shiny. 

Least favorite cover(s)?
I'm not too crazy about the Fisher of Men cover. The quality isn't the best in my opinion. 

Longest book?
439 pages (The Dream Thieves)  

Bonus Question: Who was my favorite male character?
James Easton from A Spy in the House. You want proof? I remembered his full name without checking the book. That means a lot. ;) His dry sense of humor and sarcasm really added to the book. I mean, he could be annoying but I think he used that to hide his nicer side. 

Memorable Moments:
  • Submitting my first two "official" reviews as a real-life reviewer. Eeek.
  • Buying my own copy of The Help (receiving it, by the way, from Thriftbooks.com in four days. This makes me happy.)
  • Joining Amber @The Mile Long Bookshelf and her Blog Notes Project. 
  • Signing up to be a part of a blog tour for a NA book sometime in June. *jumps up and down*
  • Actually receiving the signed and personalized copy of Something Strange and Deadly in the mail.  
  • Fangirling like crazy when SUSAN DENNARD replied to my very happy tweet!
  • Freaking out because sociology finals are next week
  • Discovering some great book vloggers (is that the right term?). We are such a hilarious group us bookworms.

On another note, I'm working on a post that denounces all bookworm cliches. Do you know of any bookworm cliches (things that non-bookworms think all bookworms do or are) that bother you like crazy? I'll add them to my list if you comment on this post or tweet something with #bookwormcliches at the end. 

Please participate, guys! It'll be SO fun!        

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  1. Ohh, good luck with finishing school! That's awesome that you're all ready and set and picked your college and stuff. Takes the worry out of "omg i'm finished what do I do with my life" after highschool. x) Yaaay! You read The Hunger Games! That's still my absolutely most favouritest series. :)) I hope you enjoyed it.

    1. Well, I re-read The Hunger Games and read Catching Fire for the first time :D When I read THG #1 the first time I loved it (couldn't get enough of it) and rated it five stars. When I read CF though...I don't know...it might've been ruined by the fact that I watched the movie first so I'm definitely planing I reading Mockingjay before the movies.
      THANK YOUU. I'm so excited that I'm gonna graduate soon! The plans totally take the tons of stress off.

  2. Well... some non-bookworms think all bookworms are girls. Or introverts.

    (I am actually an introverted girl BUUUUUT some of the guys I know frequently facepalm when people think they don't like reading. So.)

    Nice blog, by the way! :)

    1. Thank you! :))

      I'm an introverted girl too but shhh we don't have to let it affect our bookworm-cliche-detecting skills ;) I can see how that would be VERY frustrating. I added your "not all bookworms are girls" to my post! It should be out either today or tomorrow.


I love hearing from you guys! Tell me all the things. Talk to me. Except not in real life. I don't do that ish. #introvertlife

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