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12:14 AM

I have big hopes for this year :) I hope that I'll be more productive and less procrastinatory not only in school things but just in other things that I do because I love them. Like reading and blogging. I hope that I can find a good balance between hanging out with friends and getting over-exhausted by socializing. I hope that I sleep good hours and watch good movies. I hope I don't let stress run my life. I hope I dress up once in a while for no reason. I hope I actually go to the library in my college town once in a while.

BUT, I've also made some defined resolutions. After all, what would a new year be without them?

1. Finish all the books I started but put aside.

2. Buy at least one Kpop album. 

3. Finish my design website. 

4. Go on small adventures. 

5. Spend more time with friends. 

6. Get my ears pierced. 

Simple, pretty short. But I like it. And of course we can't forget my Goodreads Challenge. *grins*

I know 35 books isn't a lot. I mean in a good year, I could probably easily read three times that many. If I'm being honest with myself though, 35 books is a good year now. As unfortunate as that may be. 

Happy (Late) New Year to you all! I hope you have the very best of years this year. Tell me about the books you can't wait for that are being published this year :))

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  1. I'm personally very excited about the last Raven Boys book coming out... ^.^

    those are some very nice goals! buying kpop albums is so much fun! I usually get mine from Amazon (which doesn't have some of the perks) or kpoptown (which has more perks--like posters and stuff--but it takes a lot longer to ship imo). I love the surprise of finding out what photocard/post you get! :)

    oooh we're both hoping to get our ears pierced! I already have them pierced once, but I want to get a helix piercing. they look soooo cool. :)

    1. Oooh me too! Which book's your favorite so far? I think mine is still the first one. The magic of the first meeting and all that. :D

      I've been browsing for a long time so I think I need to buy at least one this year. PHOTOCARDS. YES. I need photocards. I checked out ebay as an option as well and it seems like one of the cheaper options.

      *high five* Have to admit--I had to look helix piercing up lol. I've always thought they looked cool. Mine aren't pierced at all yet... I need cute studs in mah ears tho. :))

  2. Whatever Rainbow Rowell has planned for us this year, I'm super pumped about! I love anything she writes. She's a genius. I'm having a hard time coming up with any other 2016 releases at the moment, seeing as I'm super behind with most book series . . . (*coughs* Throne of Glass and The Raven Boys *coughs*)

    Great goals! :) I think the best thing you can do for yourself is setting something that's challenging but possible. I always love reading these "Hello, 2016" posts from my friends because it inspires me to have a positive outlook about things. Best of luck to you this coming year!

    1. I've only read Fangirl so far but I realllyy need to fix that this coming year. Oh yeah, I'm WAY behind on so many series too. (Including TOG but I'm not too crazy about it...)

      Thanks! Ditto because nothing good is gonna come out of setting impossible goals. You'll just beat yourself up. I love the new year posts so much too because I feel like it's one of the most personal posts that every book blogger does. :))Tysm. Good luck to you too! :D

  3. Great goals! HA! You're banking on reading the same amount of books I want to this year! Yay for goal twinsies! ^ ^


    1. Thanks! That's so cool ^_^ 35 is a good number.


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