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When I first started this post, I was getting ready to smash the "sexy" heroine to bits. Because let's face it, while some girls like that style, most of us want to read about girls who stand out because they're smart, or strong, or talented with the bow and arrow. Not because they're pretty or skinny. My post was going to be somewhat of a rant (shhh don't tell anyone) which would be followed by lists of movies, books, photos, and characteristics of the "strong woman" aka the right kind of heroine. Because it really does bother me a lot when, especially in movies, girls flutter their eyelashes and walaa their male counterpart is overcome and helpless. Uhhh, we have brains (and fists), thank you very much. And there I go again (I warned you about the ranting). This is what it comes down too: I read an amazing post called "On Media Hype, And If It's Even the Problem" by Mime at the Notebook Sisters blog. In this post, which you should go and read immediately, Mime talks about how there are "strong women" stereotypes as well.

Right across from the Jennifer Lopezes (I can't think of a specific example right now) are the Katniss Everdeens. Basically, Mime points out that there are rarely any in-betweens for heroines-- there are either sexy godesses or kick-butt godesses. And once again, heroines are being forced into two constricting groups. We all want to be like Katniss, but we're actually not. I'm not in shape (let's be serious. I hate exercising), even though I want to be, but would being in shape make me a better person? Would it make me stronger? Really? Nah, I don't think so. Even though I wasn't gonna do this post specifically for athletic heroines anyway, I think I'm going to try to add more variety than the "physically strong" and "mentally strong" that I was going to write about originally. But I would like to add that it is so frustrating to see the tiny amount of respect that women/girls get. They are still not taken seriously as fighters or protectors. And this, I think, is partly the reason that the "Katniss-type" has shown up more and more in different YA fiction. We girls (and think about it, this happens very much in books by female writers) are still fighting the old, strong idea that we can't do as much as guys. We're not as physically strong, so we can't defend ourselves. It's just the good ol' feminism kicking in gear and flowing through our veins ;)

Don't stop it.

Er, anyways, let us begin the discovery of all sides of strong women.



Before I start on Mako Mori, I just need to say something. Pacific Rim was the best!! It had a totally fresh idea, which the plot built on. First of all, it's already pretty cool that two-person teams have to link their minds and memories in order to control enormous robots called Jaegers. What's even cooler is that they categorize the Kaiju (sea monsters) like hurricanes. They have category 1, 2, 3, 4, and finally 5 Kaiju. Which are horrifying creatures (also gigantic) that occasionally spew neon blue acid. It's intense, man.

What I liked about Mako Mori was that she didn't let her real-time inexperience or bad memories stop her from being a Jaeger pilot. There was one bad incident in the prep room (which I am not going to tell you about because SPOILER), but after that Mako pulled herself together and performed very well under stressful circumstances (translation: I was clutching a pillow and had my jaw dropped the whole entire movie. almost). She kicked some Kaiju butt, and you have to admit that the Jaeger fist-to-palm salute is pretty freaking awesome and intimidating. And she has a streak of blue hair.


Marie Kreutz. The woman who helps Jason Bourne escape from authorities. Well, actually, she did it for the stack of cash Bourne offered her. But, you know. For those of you who haven't watched these movies, Marie and Bourne end up together. The reason I picked her as a strong woman, though, is because through all the drama and running-for-her-life and finding out that Bourne is some kind of super-human, she stays relatively calm. Marie helps Bourne when he's sick. She even helps him get information (referring to hotel scene). Annnnd she only freaks out once. That woman has steel nerves I'm telling you. She's not athletic or gorgeous or a hacker but she's still strong. Oh, and another thing-- watch the movie.

You'll thank me.

Minority Report is about the Chief of the Precrime Unit, John Anderton, is accused of murder by his own system which uses technology to identify killers before they commit their crimes. Agatha, the girl in the above photo with tubes coming out of her head, is a Precog. There a three Precogs. They are the basis of the whole Precrime Unit. These Precogs were born from mothers who were taking drugs, which gave these children these gifts. There are three Precogs, but Agatha, the girl, is the most gifted. The Precogs predict the crimes.

But Agatha, even though she's almost completely under the Unit's control, suspended helplessly in a nurturing liquid, finds a way to hide some crimes from it. She breaks through and contacts Anderton. I feel like Agatha is the strongest of all the girls I've shown you so far. She makes the impossible possible through sheer will.

I know I said I would put books and pictures on here too, but I want to get this post out today so... SORRY!! I know I'm not that good with series posts but I promise I will finish this one :)

                        Be strong! (or you can just read books and eat chocolate like me)


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