First College Class

5:46 PM

I think the title pretty much explains itself. I was extremely nervous. I didn't just have butterflies in my stomach, I had a whole herd of buffalo or something. Buuut, it went alright. I acted like I thought I would, translation-- a total introvert. The teacher was good, she explained things clearly and she was funny. There are a total of 20 students in my class, varying from older middle-aged to just a little older than me. I'm pretty sure I'm the youngest there, and having not gone to any local schools, knew nobody. Yeah. But I'm actually okay with that.

So I'm just gonna let you look at my day (or night. It was an evening class) through pictures and funny(hopefully) explanations. Here's what I took to class:

My books- duh (I am very freaked out about a possible essay I might have to write for the whole book of Ender's Game)
Some other things I took were: A couple pens and pencils, a bottle of water, and a notebook. I never opened the bottle of water. The class I'm going to is Composition I, so I'd say it's the grammar and writing side of English. More cut and dry.

I wore a big, loose red t-shirt with the American flag on it, grey skinny jeans, and black ankle boots. I thought it was appropriately nice/casual. I don't know. One of the reasons, I was so nervous is because I didn't know what to expect. I've never been to any public school (state testing doesn't count) in my whole entire life. Jumping from homeschooled high school to college is a big deal for me. Also, I'm gonna maybe put something up every Friday (the day after my weekly class) of the outfit I wore. Maybe. It seems like good filler content if I run out of things to talk about.

P.S. And OH MY WORD I'm so sorry for not posting as much. Please, please, please forgive me. Until next time. Ahem. Just saying.

                                                     Later peeps,

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