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First of all, I know I haven't posted in a while, but I have actually been writing posts. I just haven't had the chance to put them up. :( So here are the posts of three days, including today. Needless to say, this post is going to be very long.


I feel like I should document my "dual-enrollment journey" (geeze that sounds fancy) for you all, because I don't know....I would probably find it an interesting thing to read about on someone else's blog, but I'm weird. So I'm conflicted about this.

First of all, I'm am one of the quietest people in my class. One of them. Not the quietest. Please note that fact on a piece of paper. I'm just joking, you don't have to. *stares into your eyes evilly* But I would like it if you did. 

Second of all, I have actually talked to the teacher (thrice), answered a question in class (twice), and interacted with one or more fellow students. I have bravely tried to work past my introvert-ness and try to interact the tiniest bit more. Because my grade includes class interaction, and I want a good grade. Haha, you thought I was going to say I wanted to be more social or have friends. Ha, jokes on you. :P

Thirdly, I felt like a total boss when I backed out of the driveway and zoomed to my college class in my own Mustang, thank you very much. Except my mom was in the passenger seat, because I'm taking an abnormally long time to get my driver's license. Ahem. But I was a total boss while doing it, okay?

Fourthly (is that a word?), I handed in the intro and first paragraph of my first-ever college essay and the teacher said it was great. Eeeek!!! I'm so excited! I was one of the last ones to hand my paper in (because my teacher was doing an in-class workshop), and I had watched almost everybody else go up to "the table" and get constructive criticism and suggestions and comments like "Well, your thesis needs to be arguable, okay?", so I was legit freaked out. 

Then it was my turn and I went up there and gave her the paper. And I waited. She read the paper really quietly, so I was like "Oh my word, I did something wrong, didn't I?" But then she looked at me and said, "Girl, you don't need any help with that! You're good to go." 

So happy right now.


I think my blogger homepage is malfunctioning because I opened it today and all the blogs I had had on my reading list were gone. Nothing. So I added in my favorites again, left the page, came back, and they were gone again. I gave the empty reading list a death glare.

Seriously. Not cool.

So today, I am going to put a small list of my absolute favorite blogs that I read on a regular basis. Maybe you will like them too. :)

1. Notebook Sisters (
This blog is run by two sisters who are very sarcastic and dry-humored. They use incredible GIFs. They're introverts (yay for the introvert club). And they love chocolate. What more could I or you want? Chocolate is the food for the writer's soul (or any person's soul really).
On the practical side *sigh*, they give awesome book reviews (and read in awesome genres) and give me a lot of great books to add to my reading list. And they do loads of other things like add book excerpts from books they're working on. The site is just awesome in general, okay?

2. Fresh Modesty (
This blog is about dressing modestly in mostly skirts and stuff. Not completely my style, but some of the ideas are really neat and I love the author's "Awes+Awks" ...meaning Awesomes & Awkwards of the week.

3. Go Teen Writers (
This is Stephanie Morril's site for all things teenage writer. And it. is. totally. wicked. (which movie is that from? come on, guys, you can do it) There are so many really great tips on getting published, plots, characters, etc., etc. It's just an endless source of solid info that all teenage writers need to read. And she's already published so that makes her advice a lot more credible (to some people).

4. Rachel Coker (
Rachel is also a published author (her first book was published when she was sixteen!!). She's eighteen now and has two book spublished (one on the way), and a photography business. She also gives great writing & life advice..and she's easy to relate to because she's still a teenager. She also loves vintage stuff for those of you interested.

5. She Said, She Wore (
This blog is also by Rachel Coker, but her sister Hannah blogs with her on this one too. It's basically pictures of a cute outfit with different funny comments and stuff. Even though it hasn't been updated in a while, you should totally check out the posts already up. They're really fun!

Those are pretty much my "go-to" blogs, even though I'm always looking for new ones to stalk.

P.S. I found out that I needlessly freaked out about the reading list, and now it's back. What's up with that though? Weird. It really said my whole reading list was gone. *shrugs* Meh, it made for a good blog post.

TODAY aka 9/29/'13

I just wanted to announce that I won my first ever blog give away!!! I am so excited. :) It was a give-away on Notebook Sisters (let's be real, I enter almost all of their give-aways) for and e-copy of "Enter the Bluebird" by Brendan Halpin. It sounds really cool, because it's about a teenage girl superhero/crime-fighter. Yes. I just think there isn't enough YA fiction that has teens dealing with problems without needing a lot of adult help. At least not that I've read. If you have suggestions, please give them to me. Immediately.

Here's the Amazon summary:
Julie Rouge, who's nearly 16 and can't wait to join her mother, the masked crimefighter Red Talon, patrolling the crime-ridden streets of New Edinburgh. Unfortunately, Julie's mom has disappeared, and, while searching for her, Julie is going to discover that the city she calls home is even nastier, more corrupt, and riddled with toxic secrets than she ever knew. With brutality and betrayal around every corner, Julie will need the help of some unlikely friends and strength she never knew she had in order to become the hero she was born to be.

Doesn't that sound intriguing? I thought so, thus why I entered the give-away in the first place. Sorry for the rambling. :) My point is (FINALLY)-- I am just so darn excited about winning. And there were only two winners.

I even took a screenshot.

                                                     Laugh out loud today,


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