20 Tips For Teenage Girls (Pt. 2)

10:31 AM

I realize that some of these can apply to teens/people in general, but I like the title. Okay? Great. Now we've got that settled. :D

1. Things-You-Must-Have-In-Your-Purse-At-All-Times: chap stick, a pen, a little notepad (or something like that), and extra hair things (hair ties...whatever you wanna call them. Am I the only one who hates using rubber-bands on my hair? It just feels like strands of my hair are pulling off one by one when I try to take it out). Of course, some of these essentials change as the seasons do, but these are the very basic.

2. Always make sure you have at least ten bucks in your wallet. I hardly ever use my "stash cash" because I have no social life and I spend loads of time with my sister and parents and they have a credit card ;). But it can come in handy. Like if you run into a store with a cash/check-only policy.

3. This is not completely necessary, but you've got to have at least one pair of boots in your closet. Seriously. How can you not? My go-to pair is a pair of black (simple, but elegant I think) ankle boots which I wear all. the. time. If you don't like boots that much ( shame on you!) then I would suggest your one pair of boots to be black and a style that goes with pretty much everything.

4. Tank tops are very nice things to have. You can layer them under cute shirts that cut to low on the top and loads of other things as well.

5. If you're getting bored with the haircut you have, but don't feel like spending major dollars getting a new look, then just experiment with different ways of parting your hair or give yourself a little trim in the front if you're not too scared. Even just parting your hair differently can change how you look, trust me.

I just realized that this post is very fashion/hair/purse-oriented. Oh, well. I was trying to make it girl specific, but maybe I can come up with something even more awesomer next time. Yes, awesomer is a word.

Soooo, hope you enjoyed. If you have any suggestions, like what area of "teenage-girl life" you would like me to give tips on, please comment because I would absolutely love to get a comment. Seriously. Comment right now.

                                                          See ya,

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