January Recap

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Yoooo it's the end of January. It has been COLD. 

The good thing about coldness and tons of snow though is that (at least this time) classes got canceled. Which is completely legendary at my school. So it was fun and kind of weird at the same time because I'm not used to that much free time when I'm away at school. :)

I'm so happy about the amount of books I read. It's been a while since I've had such a good month. And I finally finished the Gallagher Girl series!! Still one of my all-time favorites, hands down. 

The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Brennan, & Maureen Johnson ✪ (my review
A Gallagher Wedding by Ally Carter 
Out of Sight, Out of Time (Gallagher Girls #5) by Ally Carter (re-read)
Winter by Marissa Meyer 
All Fall Down by Ally Carter 

SURPRISE. It was also a good month of shows.

I always watch way more TV shows when I'm at school, always. Just in general and also more than movies. It feels like less commitment. ;)

The Shannara Chronicles is apparently based on a book series but I haven't read it (and had never heard about it actually). THIS TV SHOW IS AWESOME. First of all, there are elves. Which is already epic, but these elves are also the descendants of humans instead of vice versa. There are different races too and I'm just loving the plot and characters so far. And the world is stunning.

DeokspatchX2 is a little show that can be found on YouTube that's about Monsta X. They're one of my favorite Kpop groups, they just debuted in 2015, and they're hilarious & adorable. (Don't worry they have English subs.) 

Shadowhunters is inspired by The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. But that's it, it's inspired by it. If you're expecting a super accurate re-telling of the books, you're going to be disappointed. HOWEVER, if you come in with an open mind than I think it's a pretty great show (albeit a little corny and dramatic). 

Gosh, Cheese in the Trap is my new Kdrama child. It's sooo relatable. It's about a girl in college and while it does focus on cliche Kdrama things like love triangles and chic guys, it also deals with life-- annoying little brothers that you still love, friends who have your back no matter what, being poor, being a college student who's poor. I love it so much. 

I found Moorim School because Hongbin (one of the members from VIXX my favorite Kpop group) is in it. But I stayed because of the cool story world and the karate. You can't go wrong with karate. It's very urban fantasy-ish which I think is rare in Kdramas. 

JYP Sixteen is a pre-debut reality show that was used to form the new girl group Twice. I'm becoming a fan of Twice and I just think it's cool learning about their personalities more through the show. Although I am really sad now because there are some other people I really like now that never made it to the group. (SOMI). 

I decided to do things a little different this time and put snippets and titles of all my favorite songs of this month in one video. That way it takes up less space and doesn't make my recap posts as monstrously long. 

>>> I started my internship for realsies.
>>> I cleaned up my blog design a little bit (new tabs, new social media links, etc.).
>>> I've been trying to eat better, treat myself better in general, hang out with friends... in other words, trying to live out my belief that a person shouldn't put off living to the fullest in order to get work done now. There's a healthy medium in there somewhere. I'm trying to find it.

>>> Trying to learn how to do clay things in my Intro to Clay class. #1 thing I learned: clay is messy. It's messy when it's wet (otherwise known as plastic. weird I know) AND it's messy when it's dry (clay powder everywhere man, everywhere).

>>> 20 Reasons to Hate Blogging written by SJ @A Tree Grows in Bookland because blogging can be gross sometimes even if you love it.

>>> It's always good to know How to Nicely Attack People with Friendship Online and Cait @Paper Fury tells you how to do that excellently well. My favorite thing is the thing about not being afraid to put yourself out there in comments or social media because it can be tough. But it's also the best when you find friends.

How was your January?

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  1. Deokspatch X is life. I love both seasons. Have you seen Monsta X Right Now? It made me remember just how dorky these boys are. Love them so much. :)

    Man, I should reread the Gallagher Girls. It's been ages since I read them, and I love the sass and story of it all. *puts on ever growing TBR list* Winter was really great too--I have so many Creswell feels. XD

    1. YES. It is. Monsta X is so adorable and weird and I love them. :) I haven't seen it! I need to watch that asap.

      I support this decision 100% ;) It was my first spy series so it holds a special place in my heart PLUS all the awesome spy stuff, characters, and plot. Do you have a favorite book?

      Winter was great but maybe it was because I read Cress ages ago... it didn't impress me as much as I'd hoped. I think Creswell is adorably awkward. :D

  2. I've never heard of The Shannara Chronicles, but I think I will check it out for the elves.

    1. The elves will not fail to impress *grins* And the world building. I love it.


    Also, as you know I never do recaps unless they are yearly, so I can't delicately hint at what books you have to read. (That was a joke, by the way. I'm about as subtle as Magnus hitting on Alec for the first time.) But you have to read Follow Me Back. HAVE TO. WE MUST DISCUSS THE THINGS.


      XD Magnus is the personification of obviousness. I...might read it. I have to consider. You know creepy stuff is not my thing.

  4. I've been eyeing the Gallagher Girls series for YEARS. MUST READ ASAP.

    I DON'T KNOW HOW TO EXPRESS MY THOUGHTS ON WINTER. *mind explosion of awesomeness*

    Whoa... The Shanara Chronicles sounds amazing. I don't think I've ever watched a show like that before. Is it on Netflix?

    And I totally agree with your thoughts on the Shadowhunters TV Show. After the movie, I watched it with low expectations, so I was really pleasantly surprised by the fact that the changes they made were really interesting!

    1. YES. YOU MUST READ. (And you get to read them one after another if you want! Gahh. Bliss)

      XD Winter was pretty awesome.

      I'm not sure if it's on Netflix... I know MTV has the newest episodes out on their website. But this show is the best.

      Yeah, the changes were cool and honestly after the movie if the show did the exact same plot people might be bored. I love Alec so much in the show!

  5. i love how you described my post "because blogging can be gross sometimes, even if you love it" *cackles* YES! xD
    BUT OMG I LOVE THE GALLAGHER GIRL SERIES! I still need to read the last book (hopefully it ties up the series nicely???) And I noticed your blog looked different :) I love what you've done with it.

    1. #truestory XD Your discussion posts lately have been really great. Kudos, girl.

      YAY ME TOO. (Obviously, but I must fangirl more) I thought the last book was done beautifully. It definitely matches the more mature tone of the second to last book. (Oh and make sure to read the short story A Gallagher Wedding too! It's so adorable and fuzzy feels)

      Thank you! I like it pretty good too :)


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