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11:30 AM

Some of you might remember a while ago when I asked for your help on one of my design projects-- book covers. Then I went and created a group for it on Goodreads. Well, this is the official intro post to the group and future plans for the group. :)

The group is called Random Design. It's labeled as a student creative arts group. And you can find it if you look for the black flamingo with a pink umbrella.

Learn to love it ;)
I started it when I started a book cover project this semester in college. I was really freaked out and I needed the extra feedback and support which all of you involved gave. (You're awesome.)

But it kind of expanded because some of the members asked if they could put their art out for the group to critique too. And then I went missing due to finals and moving out and being a forgetful bum.

Right now, there are 12 members but I'd love it if it expanded. As an art major, I've wanted to combine my love of books and art even more, before I graduate and try to find a legit job. So this will tie in with some of the goals I'm going to put below.

Goals for Random Design:

1. Of course, my first and highest goal is to stay active and connected in the group and keep things running smoothly. 

2. I don't have any more class projects right now of course (until next fall, lovelies *hides and cries*) but once I figure out artist copyright laws I'm aiming to pad my portfolio with a few free projects this summer. I should be open to quite a few things but especially book cover commissions. 

3. I love the idea of other little-known but amazing artists benefiting from my critique group! If you're an artist and you want feedback, please check it out *grins* But enough self-promoting (for now). If you're an artist, I'd love to spotlight you on my blog sometime. And also, if I like your art I would love to get in contact with you and keep you in mind for whenever I need book cover art. 

I support self-publishing SO much but sadly I don't have very big wallet. So this would be awesome if I discover and try to publicize artists that don't get enough attention for their art. 

And make no mistake: If you do art, you are an artist. You have the right to your opinion on other people's art and you're entitled to calling yourself an artist. 

4. At some point, I want to appoint more mods to the group or something similar. 

5. If anybody has any other ideas, feel free to tell me :) I'm open to suggestions. 

XD I hope all of you in this hemisphere are having an awesome summer break. And since I get confused when I try to think about seasons being opposite, I hope everybody else is staying awesome ;)

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