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8:06 PM

Obviously, since I've officially finished my first year of college, I am a total pro at this. Obviously.

I AM SO EXCITED. I cannot tell you how many times I supremely wanted to curl up in a ball and cry and watch Netflix (at the same time) and not worry about grades. Buuut, I'm poor. And poor people especially have to worry about their grades so. Yeah. The horror story known as finals is over for me.

I am currently packing and getting ready to leave for home and summer break. *excited muted screeching noises* My room is very messy so no pictures. I'm actually not having a complete break. I'll be taking an online class, studying to CLEP a class (Which is taking an exam, and if you pass you get full credit but no grade. Just pass or fail.), and possibly getting a part time job. My car needs some TLC and it'd be nice to pad my account for the coming school year.

I've also become kind of almost addicted to the Korean reality show, We Got Married. Whaaaat? It has nicely sized episodes and cutesy romances. What is better than watching Korean stars stutter around each other and bow 5,000 times? Nothing I tell you.

I also found a GIF with two very strong bias-listers. (*cough* K-pop reference *cough*). They're both in the same frame. (!!!)

Ravi from VIXX to the left and Baro from B1A4 to the right. My sister says they look like twins. I admit they look really similar.

I have a type okay? And by the way you should go check out both groups and their music because it is fantabulous.

As those of you who keep up with me on Twitter probably know, me and my family are headed for Chicago a little bit this summer for our vacation this year. Mainly, because my sister and I got tickets to a BTS (once again, K-pop) concert. This is their second round of concerts in the US. Their first concerts already sold out in minutes. So.... *clutches tickets*

Music on My Playlist:

Shake It Up by Seo In Guk
(This is a really fun song and also pre-debut VIXX members are in it ;) )

Love Letter by VIXX
(Gorgeousness. The vocals are amazing in this group. And the rapper got skills too. Of course I'm not biased.)

Eoeo by UNIQ
(This is a new group. This song is awesome. Like over half of this group is rappers though. XD)

I also finished my first book in a long time last night-- The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan. Turns out I either completely forgot about the ending of the movie (which I already saw) or my mind just didn't connect the two until very close to the ending. The cliffhanger was great! I'm definitely gonna keep reading this series. 

More bookish posts should be coming very soon. 

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  1. DUDE. CHICAGO. We've got to make plans :)

    Exactly two days from now I'll be free like you. FREE AND FINAL-LESS. I think I might explode.

    But YAY FOR US for surviving freshman year! Next year we won't be the awkward new ones anymore :P

    1. WE MUST. IT'S A THING THAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN. I'm gonna try to fit some "hang-out" time into our trip. Hopefully it'll work out! *crosses fingers*

      Omg that's so exciting. I might explode for you ;) Being back home for me, without all the school stress, gosh I've never slept so soundly.

      *high five* We rock! Haha no we won't. Although I might just be the awkward sophomore. XD


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