Herd of Black Beauties

3:49 PM

Wow, I think it's high time for another post, don't you?

I don't know why, but the last two times I have gone to my favorite used-books store I have gotten a different copy of Black Beauty by Anna Sewell.

Why? I don't know. I think it's a disease. I now have three different copies of Black Beauty sitting in my bookcase. One of the reasons I have gotten more than one copy (I don't know why I have only done this for Black Beauty so far. Hmmm....), is because 1) the new/used copies have amazing illustrations and 2) they both have names written in the front and one even has the original receipt. I'm a total sucker for anything old like that. It just fascinates me. And now for you to see my beauties. Get it? Beauties...Black Beauty.... hahahaha. I'm the only one laughing, aren't I? Oh, well.

And just excuse me in advance for the bad quality because I'm using my phone and the digital camera's too far away.

So this one is the first "Black Beauty" I ever got and my aunt gave it to me. It was already used, but I didn't care. I got it about five years ago. It's a more cutesy, kidzy version (and the photo quality is awful like I said it would be). No, my names is not Emily. Hehehehe, you thought I would slip, didn't you?

This is the second one I got...I think a few months ago or something like that. Who keeps track.. I definitely don't. Anyways, the cover is a painting and it seems to be in a sepia tone or something similar. I got this one (I don't remember what it cost) because of the faded receipt tucked in the front pages. I was so excited! Note the names scribbled in the front :) AND the awesome painting ( i repeat painting) on two of the pages. *le swoon* The Hermitage, by the way, was the home of one of our presidents-- Andrew Jackson. 

This one is the latest I got (just last Sunday to be precise) and it was three dollars as obvious from the big, white sticker on the cover. I don't usually spend three dollars on a book at my fave bookstore. I know, I know. You must be thinking I'm stingy (I am, but it's because I have an allowance). But I was like, "Hmm, no, I mean, I already have two perfectly good "Black Beauty"s at home." Then I was like, "But the pictures are so prettyyy and there are names in the front." (Note my obsession with names and pretty pictures. I am a five-year-old in a 17 yr. old's body.) I bought it. But I think that we'll all agree it was the right choice as we gaze at the above pictures. How could I resist?!! 

And that's my "why I have so many black beauties" post. 

                                        Remember you're beautiful (or handsome if you're a guy),
                                                            WHOA. AWKWARD. Anyways. 

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