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3:24 PM

I took my Compass exam today around lunch time. If you've never heard of it, it's a college-qualifying exam that you can take in the place of a regular standardized entrance exam. My test had three parts: reading, writing, and math. It took me about an hour and forty minutes to do everything (including checking things twice). AND I DID GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very happy with the results. I was so happy at my local community college that I smiled at strangers *gasp*. I then went outside and called my mom so she could come pick me up. Right after that my dad called and I told him the awesome news. :) (Sorry. I can't stop smiling...Even virtually) I really had to go bathroom then (after sitting in the test room for a while), but I didn't want to go back inside because the guy at the front desk had just said "congratulations!" and given me my papers and stuff. And it might be awkward if I came back in like five minutes later just to go bathroom. Yes, I know I'm ridiculous. I just didn't want to.

And then I came home and my sister told me to check my computer, where the below object was attached to the frame of my laptop:

She had written this before she knew what scores I got... she rocks!!! And I'm just feeling really happy right now. :) (yes, again with the smiles)

On another note, I dropped off some library books, and I was returning all of mine and some of my sisters. And they filled up the whole tote bag (which is quite big) to the brim. When I was pulling the books out to put on the counter, it felt like there was no end. They just kept coming and coming. Then I was like *awkward smile* "Thanks." 

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