20 Tips For Teenage Girls (Pt. 1)

1:12 PM

I am so sorry for not posting in ages. I'm gonna blame school ;) 

1. Start a blog like mwah. You'll have fun designing it, coming up with a cool name, and looking at the stats at the end of the month. (although there is the possibility of having zero followers, also like me)

2. Join an online art community. There are tons of them, and most of them cost zilch to join. If you don't have anything to put up, no worries. You can use your account to comment and favorite. And moan about how you'll never be as good as any of the artists. Yes, I speak from personal experience.

3. Dig into your family's history. It is hard to do because lots of the best sites require a monthly subscription. I, having no income, cannot afford it. If you don't have an income either, avoid sites like Ancestry.com, because they will tantalize you with just enough facts (that line up with your family facts) so that you're way too excited for your own good, then slap you in the face with subscription fees. It's terrible. 

4. One of the most useful shortcuts on your keyboard is the PrtSc button that’s near the Delete button. Lifesaver I tell you. When you press this button it takes a picture of the whole computer screen. You can view the photo in two different ways. A) You can go to Paint and click paste. Boom! It will magically appear. B) You can download Picasa and then if Picasa’s open when you take the Screenshot it will automatically download onto Picasa in a special folder. 

5. You need to visit the How Stuff Works website (at howstuffworks.com) at least once in your life. It explains so many different neat things like how a telephone works (the actual scientific descriptions) or how to survive in the wilderness. I even learned that explosions in water are much more dangerous than explosions on land. Which of course doesn't happen every day, but could still be used in a really cool book scene. :)

Ok, I know that 5 questions isn't nearly 20 questions, but I decided (*cough, cough* my sister gave me a suggestion) that I would give you these hints in four parts. Because my brain cannot come up with that many awesome ideas at one time. 

                                                            Bye for now,

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