Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A (College) Senior Moment

Yes, this a play on words. Yes, I'm a senior. Yes, school has started.

I'm fine.

Recently, I was reading all of my blog posts about college life, which I really enjoyed, and I realized that I haven't written anything for senior year yet. Which I need to memorialize, because it's senior year. The wobbly stepping stone between adulthood and whatever the weird in-between phase college was.

It's full of, you know, responsibilities that are just lurking around every corner.



This year includes some semi-big changes like moving into my first apartment on my own, without a roommate--the same roommate that I've had for three years. I don't have super strong feelings about this.

I never had one of those horrible roommate experiences that you hear about all the time when you're a freshman (and for the rest of college). We were in a very neutral, chill zone of friendship or maybe acquaintanceship that never quite reached close friends.

So for me, it's more of me stepping out of my comfort zone...again. (This is not to say that I do that a lot, but I do it way more than I used to)

My main emotions are...excitement and drive mixed with a big spoonful of tiredness and apprehension. Excitement about a fresh start and new things. Apprehension about ending such a huge part of my life and HAVING TO FIND A JOB.

Guys, the mere thought of having to find a job, and good god, "settle down" is terrifying. Let's not even talk about a family member who-shall-not-be-named who often asks how soon I'll be buying a house after I graduate. Buy a house? BUY A HOUSE? Woman, I'm not even ready to buy my textbooks for this semester (never mind, that was invalid. I've already bought them. I bought them like a month before school started. I'm one of those people.)

So with that nice, comforting sentence, let's go into the advice I have for you.

Image result for gif done face

1. Planners are still important. And expensive.

I like to go to TJ Maxx or Ross to buy planners because they're a lot prettier than the plain ones at Walmart for similar prices.

This is mine! I love the artsy/painterly cover & it comes with a GOLDEN PEN.

2. Think ahead about job applications and apartment leases during winter break. All the important stuff that requires scary paperwork with lots of big words that no one understands. Think about them and then run away screaming with panic hands.

Someone told me pretty recently that realistically I probably would have to wait 6 or more months to get a job after filling out job applications. Better early than late.

3. Explore new movie/TV series and book genres.

There is never time like the present to add even more to your TBR or TBW (too be watched). So, dive into a new genre.

I'm going to be trying to do this by reading more non-fiction and graphic novels, both areas that I haven't really read in a lot. I'm also going to be borrowing graphic design books (on basics, specifics, whatever) from my college library to supplement my learning because my graphic design program doesn't include any actual textbooks. While I think they aren't necessary in my field, I think they're a good thing to benefit from. Look for inspiration from new and unconventional sources!

4. I hope you've been saving up the boxes you used to move in all those other years of college because...eheh. You're going to need them this year. All of them. 

Image result for gif boxes

If you haven't, instead of trying to buy packing boxes, go to stores like Walmart, Dollar Tree, and Dollar General (for my USA people) and ask them if they have any extra boxes lying around.

It's definitely not a super common thing to do nowadays, but it will save money and it is done. All you have to do is tell them you're moving and ask them if they can help you out.

Anxiety note: "All you have to do." If you're nervous/anxious/embarrassed about doing this, don't imagine me just marching in and confidently asking for boxes. Yeah, they're just boxes, but you better believe I'll be rehearsing that one sentence I need to say for 15 minutes.  

5. Don't be afraid to entertain possibility. 

This might sound like one of those inspirational quotes everyone snorts at* but I realized this year that I had lost some possible experiences in college because I had resigned myself to the fact that I couldn't do them.

I couldn't afford it. I was too busy. I couldn't be distracted from my major.

Well, that could be true, but it also 👏 might 👏 not 👏 be 👏.

What if you never know because you never entertained the possibility???

(Some of you might have seen my recent tweet about trying to do study abroad senior year. This is why.)

*I do not under any circumstance ever pin these on Pinterest


  1. okay but tip five. TIP FIVE.

    college life is such a big deal at the school I'm at. clubs everywhere. sports LITERALLY EVERYWHERE. events every week. and sometimes I feel guilty because I'm a full time student and a working student and a commuting student and I just don't have time/energy? but you, oh great senior (it's so weird having friends who are seniors when I am a lowly sophomore/soon to be junior), have made me want to make the time. maybe not this semester, but sometimes while I'm here at this school. :)

    also, I love you because you value the important things, like GOLDEN PENS. XD

    1. 😊 Tbh tip 5 has been something I've struggled with a lot lol so that makes me happy.

      My college is pretty tame I feel, but our mascot goes around taking pictures with everyone all the time and high-fiving and we have things going on on the quad all. the. time. SO I feel you.

      (I forgot you weren't a senior!) *majestically strokes invisible beard* On a more serious side, I'm so glad that was a hitting point for you especially since, like I said, it's been big for me. Tell me about all your experiences when you have them ❤️ Here's to going out and doing things. ✊✊



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