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Hey, guys. It's been a while huh. I basically have the same old excuse, which is-- school runs my life right now (and for the remaining couple days of finals week). Sleep deprivation is a way of life. Etc. etc. 

Between no sleep and exams though, I still wanted to do April's recap because 1) it was a pretty cool month and 2) DO YOU GUYS SEE MY NEW BLOG DESIGN. 😊 Oh my gosh, I'm so happy. 


(My Side by Laurex, only one of the cutest Youtube couples EVER)

(Kuaga/Lost Time by Pierce Fulton. This sounds like a tropical island. And it also happens to be the song for one of the couples that I highly ship in my sisters WIP. So. We all win.)

(Spotlight by Punch & Silento. Who knew dis boy aka Punch could sing this good?? The dancing is pretty spot on too 👌)

(Dong Dong by Produce 101, the show. I'll explain more about my new interest in Produce 101 Season 2 BUT this performance from Season 1 is fire.)

(Romantic by Stanaj. This is just really sweet. Although everytime I hear him say "You say I make you shy. Don't know why. Everytime we kiss, it gets better everytime" I have a mini rant in my head about how he's like I don't know why you would be shy the kissing's been great *cue deep guy voice*.)

(Minzy, formerly of 2NE1, has created her first solo album and pretty much everything I've listened to has been kickbutt and catchy. Especially this one--Superwoman. Psst go check out ING too.)

(Will You Go Out With Me? by DIA. At least two girls from DIA were on Produce 101 but that's beside the point. The point is it is VERY cutesy but at a tolerable/nice level? I mean, the rap's great.)

(Rumor by K.A.R.D. Co-ed group what what. Personally, I think it's awesome especially since co-ed singing things aren't done a lot in Kpop. And they have a really neat funky vibe going on.)

Woops. That's way bigger than I thought it would be. Sorry, but also, you're gonna thank me later. ðŸ˜‰


Rites of Passage
pages: 416
published: September 9, 2014
genre: YA, contemporary, military

I also read a book this month?? Which was amazing. Both the book and being able to sit down and submerge myself in a storyworld. I think I'll be posting an in-depth review soon, but to summarize quickly: it's about a teen girl who's thrown into hostile situation in a previously all-boys military academy. She has military background, but man, but it's still hard and the way the bullying and character growth is written is almost perfect.

what I'm doing

What am I doing? Hmm. Well, right now I'm writing this post when I probably should be working on my latest design project or the term paper for that class. Don't worry, I'll be fine.

Other things:

  • There are really pretty trees with flowers right now, but the problem with that is pollen. I'm allergic to pollen. And for some reason the levels have been off the charts this spring which means gross allergies.
  • HOTT. I could be talking about weather or I could be talking about my college's version of Humans of New York aka HONY (it's the second one). So we're doing that, but a lot more journalistically accurate as in using AP style. It's honestly terrifying to walk up to random people and try to interview them. It's over now! But I am glad I got the experience.
  • It's also been raining a lot. ☔ 
  • I'm a part of the Stay Bookish Zine (online) as a graphic designer and we recently, or semi-recently, published our first issue
  • My final design project has been an illustrative typography, which is using text to form shapes, one where I've hand lettered designs for Mulan, Tiana, and Rapunzel. It's been agonizing in terms of hours and sore wrists from using my drawing tablet, but I love how it's turning out. Maybe I'll post something about it on here?

on the TV

Now's the time to tell you about my newest interest. It's Produce 101 Season 2.

Image result for produce 101 season 2 pick me

I'm actually obsessed. It's getting bad. I already have a little group of my favorites and I'm afraid to make it any bigger because the final group is only 11 people and I can't handle that stress.

Do you want to see them? Great, I'm glad you said yes. ðŸ˜‰

REMEMBER THESE BOYS. And if you're in South Korea, pleaaase vote for them or at least check out their performances. (I am sulking over the fact that I can't as an international person.)

Image result for park woojinImage result for kim samuel produce 101Image result for kang daniel
Image result for jung dong su produce 101

Starting from top left: Park Woojin, Kim Samuel, Kang Daniel, and Jung Dongsu. They are my bebs. If you by any chance want to see more of them, I will find you links. *wiggles eyebrows* I am on a mission to convert everyone to be their fans.

Well, that was my April in a nutshell. QOTD: What new obsession have you gained recently?

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  1. Ugh, pollen, I feel ya. My allergies have been horrible this year (but what else is new?).

    I love HONY! That's so cool you got to do that. Might we see some on your blog? ;)

    Super cool new design!

    OMG, yes, totally share your illustrative typography, if you want to. That sounds super cool. I'm jealous of you artistic people.

    So my new obsession is the musical "Rent." I got to see it live recently and between that, watching the movie, and having the soundtrack on repeat for the past few weeks, I'm totally in love.

    1. It's so annoying isn't it?? AND I'm the only one in my family blessed with pollen allergies.

      Me too! Hm, I'm not sure if I can publish it on my blog since it was done specifically for that project and some of them aren't even published yet, but I'll check about permissions. :)


      I like that response lol. I definitely will post something about it then. I've been wanting to post more stuff about my design and this would be perfect.

      I'm not sure if "Rent" is a popular thing? So I don't know if I'm making anybody mad? I don't really stay in the pop culture/tumblr culture loop so much lol. But now I'm curious enough to check it out.


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