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11:26 AM

Yikes, I almost completely forgot about this but it's still early(ish) in March so that's good.

Here is the update on my February goals:

1. Update my social media icons. Done!
2. Revamp ALL of my blog pages. I'm gonna cross it out because I did most of them. Hey, that counts.
3. Change the font on the links under my header. Done!
4. Make a list of books I've reviewed, complete with links. Nope, I didn't even touch this. Oops.

All in all though I'd say I did pretty well. ;)

And now I get to move on to a new topic! The March topic is Social Media and Review Outlets.

Read all about the topic in depth here. You can also read my January and February posts if you want. Basically this month is all about those social media websites that you haven't been keeping updated or that huge mess that is your Goodreads shelves. It's time to figure it out. *snaps fingers*

my goals:

1. Update social media accounts (Twitter): who I follow, bio, etc.
2. Organize Goodreads: shelves, bio, delete duplicates, go through TBR list
3. Turn reviews in to NetGalley (and update bio)
4. Keep track of blogging stats

Does anyone have suggestions on how to keep motivated to read and review books from either publishers or NetGalley?

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  1. My ways to get motivated to turn in ARCs is to go on a book downloading/buying/borrowing ban. Also, seeing your approval to review percentage go up on Netgalley is always a nice little motivator! I like to set goals for myself on what number I want to get; right now I'm at a 70% goal. Congrats on getting so much of your February goals done! :)

    I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award; it's totally fine if you aren't able to do it, just letting you know. :)

    1. Those are some great tips :) I'm trying a reward-but-only-when-I've-read-and-reviewed-a-book. We'll see how it works *le sigh* Hey congrats to you too! It sounds like you're doing awesomely.

      Thanks so much Gabs! <3 I should be able to do it.


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