Review: Fisher of Men

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Fisher of Men by Gene Harlan Powell
Publication Date: September 17, 2012
Publisher: Unlimited Publishing
Pages: 264
Source: MizBooks Media via Author
Format: Paperback

Herb Shreve's mother always said he would be a preacher. He fought this destiny until he heard the voice of God say "Herb, preach!" Many sermons later, a late night return from a revival ended in an altercation with his teenage son. Realizing the emotional distance between them, Herb purchased two motorcycles to rekindle their bond. Traveling to rallies, Herb saw hurt and pain masquerading behind black leather and roaring engines. Here were thousands who would never enter church doors. His wife gave him thirty days and the promise of Tupperware income. Discover for yourself how $17 and submission to God's will built the Christian Motorcyclists Association - now a global ministry, serving all 50 states and 30 countries worldwide.

I don't usually read a lot of non-fiction...but Herb Shreve's story of feeling the call of God to preach and share God's word with motorcyclists was heartening. Herb and his family trusted God and were rewarded with miracle after miracle, following God's call and forming the Christian Motorcyclists Association. 

I know this an unusual featuring for my blog, because I mainly focus on YA fiction, but I decided to accept the review request and I haven't been disappointed. I'm a Christian, so it was sort of familiar ground. My family and I have been blessed by God in the past too and it was good to read a Christian book that wasn't overbearing or goody-two-shoes. 

The stories told about traveling by motorcycle, sleeping in tents at night, reminded a lot of when my family and I moved to a state over 1,000 miles away about seven years ago. They were funny and very relatable (at least to me). ;) 

The writing could have been a little more smooth, but I'm not going to pick every detail out because the purpose of the book was to tell the story of a man of faith and it accomplished its purpose just fine. The book had an honest and straight forward voice, that told the whole story with love and understanding-- a tribute to a friend, embracing all the faults and gifts of the man that was Herb Shreve.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a Christian biography. 

My Rating:

Disclaimer: I received this book from MizBooks Media via the author in exchange for an honest review.

NOTE: A big sorry to MizBooks Media. I totally forgot about this book then had to scramble to write this review. So sorry! Also, I know a lot of you blogglings do reviews through NetGalley. Do you have any idea on how to get the eBooks on a mobile Kindle app as well as the PC one? 

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