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Today I am joining the May blog chain that Teens Can Write Too! hosts once in every ten years monthly. ;) The awesome prompt is below. 

Prompt: "What kinds of published books would you like to see more of?"

I almost forgot to post today. I swear. Phew. I mean the only reason I remembered is that I had signed up for comment updates on the TCWT post. So. Yeah. Sorry for almost forgetting :D

Books with Asian or Half-Asian main characters.
I haven't read all that many books with Asian or Half-Asian main characters and even when I asked other people for suggestions, I only added six or so books to my TBR list. I love reading about them because I'm half-Chinese, half-American and it's fun finding similarities in culture or family life.

Books with complicated clues that lead to discovering something (that's not a murder). 
Let me explain. This probably sounds like I'm describing a really good (common type of) mystery novel or something, but I'm not. I'm talking about books like the first two in the National Treasure series. Major and serious with a trail of complicated clues that seem to make no sense leading to an amazing finale. Like Encyclopedia Brown for YA fiction. I think it would be awesome!

Indie books with beautiful, well-made covers.
I don't know if this counts exactly for the prompt, but I would like to see self-published books have more professional, better designed covers. Because you can almost always tell if a book was not published by a regular publishing company and that stinks. 

Books without love triangles, or at least, maybe change it up a little and have two girls falling for one guy.
I am not a fan of love triangles. I don't like them at all, and I usually end up disliking the girl for leading one of the guys on. I'm sure there are some instances in great big universe where one girl can meet one guy and they fall in love. 

Sci-Fi with cyborgs, robots, etc.
More sci-fi YA fiction with all things robotic! I read Cinder and Scarlet by Marissa Meyer last year and I really enjoyed them. I love reading books that explore the concept of robots or non-human humans (if that makes sense) becoming like humans with all their rights and abilities to develop emotion, etc. 

That's all from me! Go check out the other stops on the blog chain (which are probably much more deep and creative than my post to be honest) and have fun. :)

Stops on the Blog Chain:
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May 30th – – We’ll announce the topic for June’s blog chain! (hopefully)

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  1. Good post! You hit a lot of interesting types of books-- I'd like to see many of these as well.

    1. Thanks! It just seems like (to me) that books in different genera of YA fiction are becoming more and more similar to each other and authors just need to break out of the mold. Awesome! We have similar tastes then :D

  2. I was just about to rec CINDER then you beat me as you already read it. I recently read BORN CONFUSED that has an Indian MC. Thanks for sharing your awesome list!

    1. Thanks, I had loads of fun coming up with this list! :) I'll definitely check Born Confused out, thanks for the recommendation :D Yeah, I really liked Cinder, the book and the character.

  3. Ahaha, I would've recommended Cinder to you because of reasons #1 and #5, but... nope! :P

    The Harry Potter series has always reminded me of #2... not a mystery series, not quite, but close enough. They're always trying to figure out what Voldemort is up to.

    1. Lol, yeah, and this sort of proves the point I was trying to make. There are only a very few of YA books with cyborgs, etc. :))

      That sounds interesting! I haven't actually read the Harry Potter books though... <.< I plan to soon. :P

  4. Nice post! Definitely agree with 2 and 4. As much as I love murder mysteries, there are other kinds of crime and other kinds of secrets to be discovered that can be just as (and more) interesting than murder.

    1. Thanks :)) Exactly!! And people should take advantage of the possibilities :D And for love triangles it's sort of gotten to the point where I roll my eyes and sigh. It's WAY too common.

  5. Yes, yes! on the Indie covers! It's funny how two-guys-one-girl is so common, isn't it? I don't think that really happens in real life.

    1. You're totally right. "Regular" (two guys, one girl) love triangles aren't realistic at all! >.< I would give away half my chocolate stash (or maybe something less drastic like give away my sister ;) ) for a beautiful indie cover.

  6. (RE: the first point: I totally agree! I might suggest FALLING INTO PLACE by Amy Zhang, which comes out in September, and has an Asian MC and no love triangle. It doesn't have cyborgs, but it's told from the POV of the MC's imaginary best friend, so... that's something? ;) )

    Seriously, though, I love this post. I am ALL FOR more cyborg/robot characters, specifically flattering ones--you know, so we can make peace with them when they become our overlords. *ahem*

    Thanks for participating!

    1. No problem! These blog chains are loads of fun. :D

      I just finished watching some of Transformers 2 so I'm want even more cyborg/robot books now ;) Sure, sure, overlords....>.> Let's cross our fingers THAT won't happen.

      Thanks for the recommendation! I'm definitely checking Falling into Place out (for some reason I read "Amy Zhang" as "Kat Zhang". I think I'm tired). Wow, the POV sounds amazing. *runs to Goodreads*

  7. "I'm sure there are some instances in great big universe where one girl can meet one guy and they fall in love."
    Or maybe a guy expects the two girls to fall for him but they fall for each other instead, or the two guys fall for each other, or one of the guys falls for the girl and the other guy for him, or, or....

    Basically love triangles get infinitely more entertaining when not everyone / nobody is straight. Honestly, I've had some wacky combinations in my time... :)

    Some indie books do have awesome covers, but I agree that a lot of them don't. Usually debut authors have rubbishy covers and then they improve the more books they publish.

    1. That's true :) The point I was trying to get across is that I really don't like it when a book shows one person liking another person and then suddenly there's a second love interest. I mean, I would hope that if someone loved or really liked somebody else, they wouldn't be romantically interested in a different person at tge

    2. the same time. Oops, sorry. Accidentally published the comment too soon. Phones...

      I hope it didn't come across like I was saying ONLY certain pairings can happen. Hehe, I can imagine the wackiness possibilities ;)

      Yes! I've seen some indie covers that I love. No matter how much "don't judge a book by its cover" is quote, most readers just do it as a reflex. I think it would be awesome if great indie books got the attention they deserve because of gorgeous covers.

      Hm. This reply is a bit long. Thanks for the food for thought :D


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