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October Recap

8:12 PM


I actually got to read a book this month. PRAISE. It felt really good to shirk my responsibilities and read it in like two days straight.

Yes, kids, I'm the best role model ever. (assuming any kids read my blog)

Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers. ✪ This book was great. It's set in medieval times and romance was quite a big part of it so it kind of had that "predictable Medieval romance" feel to it (you know what I'm talking about right) every Christian medieval-setting romance? But the world, especially the world of the sisters, was built beautifully. And Ismae went through such amazing character growth. It was great watching her learn and mature. I likes it.

Movies/TV Shows:

Movies and TV shows (especially TV shows) have sustained me through my problems and homework which are basically the same thing. I've actually gotten to watch a fair amount of movies when I go home and shows when I'm at college (it leaves me with less guilt). So here they are.

~SNSD and the Dangerous Boys~
I just found this on one of my random wanderings through YouTube. I never would've found it otherwise because I don't watch SNSD (Girls' Generation) things but this is, I feel like, a gem. The SNSD girls mentor a group of "troubled" boys and the relationships that grow are so cute and it's awesome seeing the boys change even though I feel like Korean standards are sometimes too high. Or maybe SNSD's standards. I dunno.

~Sassy Go Go~
Literally almost everybody captured my heart. They are my babies. I want to hug them all and give them chocolate. Friggin three main characters. Also this is my favorite poster of all time. Besides the fact that I just love the characters (oh sorry, did I already say that?), DO YOU SEE THE GIRL IN RED. She's dressed in actual non-girly, non-tracksuit clothes! This makes me so happy. And a hat. Hats are life.

I also watched all these movies which were great:

 The Avengers 2 (nothing needs to be said here. it was awesome)
Home (the legit cutest animation ever)
Mad Max: Fury Road (this was really weird but also epic at the same time. i've never watched a movie like this which is a great compliment in my opinion)
Fast & Furious 7 (i cried. like this was so sad at the end. but it was also fab action scenes)


Yeah... I've been in a Monsta X phase. You should check them out. They're not from any of the super big companies so they could use the support and they're SO talented. 

This song. I love it.


>>> I've been volunteering at an animal shelter for part of my honors program and I love it. I work with the cats so sometimes I just pet them and love them and sometimes I clean out their cages and refill food & water and stuffs. It's the best. And it's reminded me how much I love helping animals/people.

>>> Basically projects and school all the time.

>>> I got to eat Thai recently though! That's always a plus. :))

>>> My life is so boring I'm sorry.

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