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5 Things That Should Never Exist in Dialogue

4:18 PM

Throughout my many many years of reading and being a certified bookworm... *ancient knowing look* I've discovered several things that I really can't stand. More specifically, things in dialogue that just push all the wrong buttons.

I'm right, of course. ;)

1. Too many exclamation points.

Whenever a character always (or almost always) talks in exclamation points, it makes them sound like they're over-caffeinated or hyper or something. Nobody sounds that excited all the time in real life! Life isn't that awesome! They need to chill!

See what I mean? Ugh, I can't stand it. It's like an overload for my brain. It refuses to accept all that exaggerated emotion. >.<

2. All capitals. 

There is a time for all caps (Let's be real, it's necessary to fangirl. It's a way of life.) but that time is definitely not in dialogue. In my humble opinion. To me, it's better to use action or tags or something besides all caps. Rather than giving power to your words, it makes it seem like you're screaming.

The only situation that calls for that level of screaming is fangirling. Or you know, when you're in trouble with your parents.

3. Using "like". 

If you say something like, "You are like so awesome." It makes you sound like a middle school girl that smacks gum. I don't even know why it annoys me so much. I insert "like" into my everyday talk too, lots of the times it's totally unnecessary. But...in books, it just annoys the heck out of me.

Example: "Oh. my. gosh. Did you see her brother? He is like so hot. Like, someone hook us up." Cue giggles. Good gods, I can hear the gum-smacking right now.

I did not know octopi/octopuses could waddle-run like this. Such cool-ness. 

4. Use texting word shortcuts.

As my younger sis told me, I do in fact sometimes do this in real life. BUT, it's only to annoy her and it works like a charm. Along with using texting shortcuts in dialogue (like BRB, TTYL, FYI), it's painful to read texts that are "modern" and only use about 2 letters of the alphabet total.

R U 8? (No offense to people who are actually 8.)

5. Long boring speeches that are supposed to be deep and intelligent but in reality bore you out of your mind. 

You know what I'm talking about. Those books that are supposed to be really beautiful and lyrical and... well, kind of boring. I'm so guilty of this in some of my WIPs. I'll be so focused on finding the exact right, beautiful way to say something and then after all that work... it goes on too long. Nobody wants to read how beautiful the sunset is in fifteen different ways. The more I read, the more I learn that short and powerful is the way to go. Dialogue especially.

I hope you liked this discussion post! Are there any unspeakable things that I missed? Do you agree with me on these dialogue no-no's? 


Random Design | My Creation of a Goodreads Art Group

11:30 AM

Some of you might remember a while ago when I asked for your help on one of my design projects-- book covers. Then I went and created a group for it on Goodreads. Well, this is the official intro post to the group and future plans for the group. :)

The group is called Random Design. It's labeled as a student creative arts group. And you can find it if you look for the black flamingo with a pink umbrella.

Learn to love it ;)
I started it when I started a book cover project this semester in college. I was really freaked out and I needed the extra feedback and support which all of you involved gave. (You're awesome.)

But it kind of expanded because some of the members asked if they could put their art out for the group to critique too. And then I went missing due to finals and moving out and being a forgetful bum.

Right now, there are 12 members but I'd love it if it expanded. As an art major, I've wanted to combine my love of books and art even more, before I graduate and try to find a legit job. So this will tie in with some of the goals I'm going to put below.

Goals for Random Design:

1. Of course, my first and highest goal is to stay active and connected in the group and keep things running smoothly. 

2. I don't have any more class projects right now of course (until next fall, lovelies *hides and cries*) but once I figure out artist copyright laws I'm aiming to pad my portfolio with a few free projects this summer. I should be open to quite a few things but especially book cover commissions. 

3. I love the idea of other little-known but amazing artists benefiting from my critique group! If you're an artist and you want feedback, please check it out *grins* But enough self-promoting (for now). If you're an artist, I'd love to spotlight you on my blog sometime. And also, if I like your art I would love to get in contact with you and keep you in mind for whenever I need book cover art. 

I support self-publishing SO much but sadly I don't have very big wallet. So this would be awesome if I discover and try to publicize artists that don't get enough attention for their art. 

And make no mistake: If you do art, you are an artist. You have the right to your opinion on other people's art and you're entitled to calling yourself an artist. 

4. At some point, I want to appoint more mods to the group or something similar. 

5. If anybody has any other ideas, feel free to tell me :) I'm open to suggestions. 

XD I hope all of you in this hemisphere are having an awesome summer break. And since I get confused when I try to think about seasons being opposite, I hope everybody else is staying awesome ;)


Review: Den of Thieves | Cat Royal Adventures

7:41 PM

So I'm finally back into reading which feels absolutely amazing. And it's very awesome that the first book I've read since I got back home for the summer counted for one of my 50-book-challenge. *happy dance* I hope that after you read this post, you'll go want to read all the books of this series cause it's amazing. :)

Den of Thieves by Julia Golding
Publication Date: April 27, 2009
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Format: hardcover
Source: Me *swag motions*
Pages: 417 (But it's like a cute short book, so it's not as monstrous as it sounds.)


The third volume of the CAT ROYAL ADVENTURE series takes readers to Paris on a covert mission.

The Theater Royal is closed for renovations, so Mr. Sheridan commissions Cat to act as his spy in revolutionary Paris. Disguised as a ballerina, Cat joins the revolution, only to find that it is up to her to save her friends when they are captured as traitors. Like the previous two books in the series, The Diamond of Drury Lane and Cat Among the PigeonsDen of Thieves is filled with disguises, danger, drama, and, most of all, the irrepressible Cat Royal.


I've thought several times that I would get tired of this series or the characters would become childish or the plot would become obvious. Because it's happened to the best of my childhood favorites. I've loved books and then, a few years later, thought they were kind of...well...stupid. I don't like that. But it happens. So I kept waiting for it to happen with this series since it's Middle-Grade. 

That moment has never come. 

The Cat Royal Adventures series has continued to be awesome and just really fun. Cat, the main character, doesn't know who her parents are, doesn't really know how old she is, and gets into the best, most unbelievable adventures ever. Most of them (Psh, all of them) would scare me out of my mind but Cat (and she's a shortie too) just marches through everything with street sense and braveness that some people would attribute to her hair-- it's red. Although I'd have to disagree. I'm a brunette ;) 

In this book, Cat goes to act as a spy for her boss/protector in France, a country churning with revolutionary tension. She meets trouble at almost every turn, but she also makes friends and, of course, saves everybody. 

The book is set in England and France so I'd say I get double points. *wiggles eyebrows* 

This isn't meant to be a hardcore review, just a look into my reading life recently. YOU HAVE TO READ THIS SERIES. It's the best. (Yes, this is also my attempt to get you to read this and yell things in all-caps with me.) AND the author has a place on her website where her different characters answer interview questions. It's pretty much the bomb diggity. 

Disclaimer: I was not reimbursed for this review in any way. All opinions or thoughts expressed are my own. 


Experienced Colleger

8:06 PM

Obviously, since I've officially finished my first year of college, I am a total pro at this. Obviously.

I AM SO EXCITED. I cannot tell you how many times I supremely wanted to curl up in a ball and cry and watch Netflix (at the same time) and not worry about grades. Buuut, I'm poor. And poor people especially have to worry about their grades so. Yeah. The horror story known as finals is over for me.

I am currently packing and getting ready to leave for home and summer break. *excited muted screeching noises* My room is very messy so no pictures. I'm actually not having a complete break. I'll be taking an online class, studying to CLEP a class (Which is taking an exam, and if you pass you get full credit but no grade. Just pass or fail.), and possibly getting a part time job. My car needs some TLC and it'd be nice to pad my account for the coming school year.

I've also become kind of almost addicted to the Korean reality show, We Got Married. Whaaaat? It has nicely sized episodes and cutesy romances. What is better than watching Korean stars stutter around each other and bow 5,000 times? Nothing I tell you.

I also found a GIF with two very strong bias-listers. (*cough* K-pop reference *cough*). They're both in the same frame. (!!!)

Ravi from VIXX to the left and Baro from B1A4 to the right. My sister says they look like twins. I admit they look really similar.

I have a type okay? And by the way you should go check out both groups and their music because it is fantabulous.

As those of you who keep up with me on Twitter probably know, me and my family are headed for Chicago a little bit this summer for our vacation this year. Mainly, because my sister and I got tickets to a BTS (once again, K-pop) concert. This is their second round of concerts in the US. Their first concerts already sold out in minutes. So.... *clutches tickets*

Music on My Playlist:

Shake It Up by Seo In Guk
(This is a really fun song and also pre-debut VIXX members are in it ;) )

Love Letter by VIXX
(Gorgeousness. The vocals are amazing in this group. And the rapper got skills too. Of course I'm not biased.)

Eoeo by UNIQ
(This is a new group. This song is awesome. Like over half of this group is rappers though. XD)

I also finished my first book in a long time last night-- The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan. Turns out I either completely forgot about the ending of the movie (which I already saw) or my mind just didn't connect the two until very close to the ending. The cliffhanger was great! I'm definitely gonna keep reading this series. 

More bookish posts should be coming very soon. 

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