My Dream Crate // Haikyuu!!

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Some of you might be familiar with the name Loot Crate, but in case you aren't, Loot Crate is a geek subscription crate that sends a collection of all kinds of crazy cool merch (from Guardians of the Galaxy to RWBY, which is an anime) out every month. 

Loot Crate is encouraging fans everywhere to participate in a project unlimited by practicality, to showcase their wildest ideas in a blog post. I got challenged by Loot Crate to put together my ultimate Dream Crate too!


Image result for haikyuu gif

I'm going to gush about an anime called Haikyuu!! (also a manga). It's amazing and you should watch it (or read it) and there absolutely should be a crate all about it.

Image result for haikyuu gif

A very brief summary before we hop into the merch *wiggles eyebrows*: this is a high school volleyball comedy. That being said, there are a lot of dramatic emotions, weird cut scenes, and unearthly (not in the good way) facial expressions. I love it.

Here's What My Dream Crate Looks Like: *

*Each crate usually has around 4-6 items, so I'm going to try to keep within that range of numbers.

1. Karasuno High School Volleyball Team Stickers. 

2. Four Chibi Buttons (*clears throat* MY choices would be Tanaka, Daichi, Kageyama, and Hinata. Those are the first three and the bottom third).

Haikyuu 1.75inch Chibi Buttons Set or Single

3. This Haikyuu!! Teams Drawstring Bag in Karasuno Colors.

4. Hinata Magazine Cover Poster (because Hinata is life and my sunshine/smol son. he runs this show). 

5. Mini Volleyball Key Chain. 

Cat Toy Mini Volleyball Shaped Keychain Chaveiro Key Chain Ring Keyfob Holder sleutelhanger llaveros mujer france laduree(China (Mainland))

6. Karasuno Volleyball Club Jacket (because just all the feels).

Image result for karasuno jacket screenshot

What if you could put together the ultimate dream crate with merch from your favorite TV show, movie, book, or game? What would you choose to showcase?



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Hey, guys. It's been a while huh. I basically have the same old excuse, which is-- school runs my life right now (and for the remaining couple days of finals week). Sleep deprivation is a way of life. Etc. etc. 

Between no sleep and exams though, I still wanted to do April's recap because 1) it was a pretty cool month and 2) DO YOU GUYS SEE MY NEW BLOG DESIGN. 😊 Oh my gosh, I'm so happy. 


(My Side by Laurex, only one of the cutest Youtube couples EVER)

(Kuaga/Lost Time by Pierce Fulton. This sounds like a tropical island. And it also happens to be the song for one of the couples that I highly ship in my sisters WIP. So. We all win.)

(Spotlight by Punch & Silento. Who knew dis boy aka Punch could sing this good?? The dancing is pretty spot on too 👌)

(Dong Dong by Produce 101, the show. I'll explain more about my new interest in Produce 101 Season 2 BUT this performance from Season 1 is fire.)

(Romantic by Stanaj. This is just really sweet. Although everytime I hear him say "You say I make you shy. Don't know why. Everytime we kiss, it gets better everytime" I have a mini rant in my head about how he's like I don't know why you would be shy the kissing's been great *cue deep guy voice*.)

(Minzy, formerly of 2NE1, has created her first solo album and pretty much everything I've listened to has been kickbutt and catchy. Especially this one--Superwoman. Psst go check out ING too.)

(Will You Go Out With Me? by DIA. At least two girls from DIA were on Produce 101 but that's beside the point. The point is it is VERY cutesy but at a tolerable/nice level? I mean, the rap's great.)

(Rumor by K.A.R.D. Co-ed group what what. Personally, I think it's awesome especially since co-ed singing things aren't done a lot in Kpop. And they have a really neat funky vibe going on.)

Woops. That's way bigger than I thought it would be. Sorry, but also, you're gonna thank me later. ðŸ˜‰


Rites of Passage
pages: 416
published: September 9, 2014
genre: YA, contemporary, military

I also read a book this month?? Which was amazing. Both the book and being able to sit down and submerge myself in a storyworld. I think I'll be posting an in-depth review soon, but to summarize quickly: it's about a teen girl who's thrown into hostile situation in a previously all-boys military academy. She has military background, but man, but it's still hard and the way the bullying and character growth is written is almost perfect.

what I'm doing

What am I doing? Hmm. Well, right now I'm writing this post when I probably should be working on my latest design project or the term paper for that class. Don't worry, I'll be fine.

Other things:

  • There are really pretty trees with flowers right now, but the problem with that is pollen. I'm allergic to pollen. And for some reason the levels have been off the charts this spring which means gross allergies.
  • HOTT. I could be talking about weather or I could be talking about my college's version of Humans of New York aka HONY (it's the second one). So we're doing that, but a lot more journalistically accurate as in using AP style. It's honestly terrifying to walk up to random people and try to interview them. It's over now! But I am glad I got the experience.
  • It's also been raining a lot. ☔ 
  • I'm a part of the Stay Bookish Zine (online) as a graphic designer and we recently, or semi-recently, published our first issue
  • My final design project has been an illustrative typography, which is using text to form shapes, one where I've hand lettered designs for Mulan, Tiana, and Rapunzel. It's been agonizing in terms of hours and sore wrists from using my drawing tablet, but I love how it's turning out. Maybe I'll post something about it on here?

on the TV

Now's the time to tell you about my newest interest. It's Produce 101 Season 2.

Image result for produce 101 season 2 pick me

I'm actually obsessed. It's getting bad. I already have a little group of my favorites and I'm afraid to make it any bigger because the final group is only 11 people and I can't handle that stress.

Do you want to see them? Great, I'm glad you said yes. ðŸ˜‰

REMEMBER THESE BOYS. And if you're in South Korea, pleaaase vote for them or at least check out their performances. (I am sulking over the fact that I can't as an international person.)

Image result for park woojinImage result for kim samuel produce 101Image result for kang daniel
Image result for jung dong su produce 101

Starting from top left: Park Woojin, Kim Samuel, Kang Daniel, and Jung Dongsu. They are my bebs. If you by any chance want to see more of them, I will find you links. *wiggles eyebrows* I am on a mission to convert everyone to be their fans.

Well, that was my April in a nutshell. QOTD: What new obsession have you gained recently?



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author's note: this was actually written on and is about February 7th. enjoy!

9 am - The alarm on my phone goes off. I hate the noise so much, and I used to have it on just vibrate, but I've been so tired and busy this school year that I'm too scared to do that anymore. This is one of my late morning days. On Mondays and Wednesdays I get up at 7. ðŸ˜’

9:15 am - I manage to actually get out of bed.

9:30 am - Take a shower.

10 am - I check all my social media and try to make sense of this week's to-do list. Feel strong waves of despair as I look at the 8 homework assignments for Professional Practices (plus other homework and projects for other classes) to be completed in a week. Check my student email. Boring stuff.

the set-up

10:30 am - I start working on my heart art that's due tomorrow afternoon. In my defense, I've had an extremely busy, stressful past couple days. Hopefully I can work on it more later and write my art analysis on it.


11:45 am - Time to speed clean my room, which needs it REALLY badly.

12:00 - Lunch time :)

that's ranch dressing. which kinda looks gross in the pic. there's not as much on there as it looks lol.

1:00 pm - Off to my 1:30 class! (News Layout & Copy Editing. It's one of my electives, a journalism class.)

2:25 pm - I trek over to the fine arts building for my class at 3. I'm wayyy early so hopefully I can get something school-related out of the way. Or I could just hang out on Twitter. Twitter sounds nice.

4:20 pm - Class ends. We learn that the midterm, previously a mysterious "approximately" before spring break, might now be "next Tuesday." I panic. Since I haven't studied for this test at all yet.

5:15 pm - I fix some supper and eat fast cause your girl's got a lot to do today.

6:10 pm - Start back on that heart art, which is for a special honors class I'm taking called The Human Body & Visual Art.

this was watercolor. watercolor is hard.

7:50 pm - I take a much needed break from the hustle and indulge myself with episode 15 of Hwarang. It just gives me all the fuzzies seeing the guys becoming a good team and working together. Gawsh so kewt.

Image result for hwarang screenshot

9:20 pm - Back to arting the heart. (note from author: okay, guys, I did this hovering over my art piece which was laying on the floor. and man. the leg cramps.)

10:50 pm - I decide that it's time to call it quits, seriously hoping that I have enough time tomorrow to actually finish the heart. GAH.

12 aka midnight - Off to bed. Finally. I should probably have better sleeping habits. No, I know I should but sometimes my mental-rest-needs outweigh my physical-rest-needs and I just stay up. It's a bad excuse but it true.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my world. If you'd like to read more posts about my life at college or what I do specifically as a graphic design student (everyone would like to know. we're a well-kept mystery. *magic dust*), let me know. 

And if you were curious as to how that heart turned out, here it is ^^:



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The last half of this month has kind of been a whirlwind...moving back to school, organizing everything again, getting into the routine of five classes (two of which are 3 hours each). It's probably life making up for the first half of the month in which I was shamefully lazy and did nothing.

Instructions For Flight The Fill-In Boyfriend On the Fence

Instructions for Flight by Kate I. Foley ðŸŒŸðŸŒŸðŸŒŸðŸŒŸ (review here, but ðŸ‘Œ)
The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West ðŸŒŸðŸŒŸðŸŒŸðŸŒŸðŸŒŸ (💗 I love it SO much)
On the Fence by Kasie West ðŸŒŸðŸŒŸðŸŒŸðŸŒŸ (TBH this was leaning more towards 3 but relatable guy problems yo)

It wasn't a big reading month. I guess I've been going through a slump and nothing really interests me (except YA contemporaries *gasp*). Or else I don't have the energy/attention span to sit down and actually read a book.

One of the delights of being a lot more anxious and stressed out at school. Sometimes, okay most of the time, I'd rather watch YouTube or the latest TV series.

Oh NaNa by K.A.R.D
Stay With Me by Chanyeol x Punch (Goblin OST)

Born to Lose by No Sleep ft. Gia Koka

Not Going Home by DVBBS & CMCs ft. Gia Koka

I find a lot of my favorite songs when I'm playing one of those 2 hour chill remixes or summer playlist remixes on YouTube. Which is where the bottom two songs came from.

K.A.R.D is a relatively new K-pop group that hasn't really done promotions and it's CO-ED or whatever word you use to mean guys AND girls. Two of each to be exact! I think it's really cool.

I have been slowly but steadily watching Goblin (no spoilers, guys, don't be Hoshi) and I've fallen in love with this soundtrack. It just makes me so calm and relaxed, which I really need, and especially when it's played with the drama montage. The. feels.

Image result for miss peregrine's home for peculiar childrenImage result for the swap

I really liked Miss Peregrine's! Don't hate me, but I didn't read the book first. I might in the future, but my point is--the movie was really exotic, funky, circus feeling and I loved it.

The Swap. Disney. Yes, it is cringe-worthy. Yes, it has a million second-hand embarrassment moments. But in the end, the message was there and it was very cute. (I will say you definitely have to be in the mood though.) 

Image result for kubo and the two strings posterImage result for the goblin kdrama poster

Kubo and the Two Strings. *cries big ugly tears* It has a children's story feel, but the story runs deeper too and I was never bored by it or though "ugh this is so kiddy." The animation is also gorgeous. 

Goblin. The k-drama that everyone's talking about. I think. I don't keep up with trends too well. The premise is very interesting... Grim Reapers, Goblins, deities, etc. However, the big age-gap between the two mc's is slightly disturbing imo. (not a spoiler. it's literally in the drama trailer)

Image result for hwarang posterImage result for hwarang poster

Hwarang is a historical drama and much slower paced than Goblin, and many other shows. It took like 4 episodes for the plot to actually get moving. BUT the problem is it's a very interesting premise (rich nobles' sons chosen to be personal guards for the king) and I'm actually in love with all of the characters. Not like "OMG I WANT TO MARRY YOU" but "OMG I WANT TO MARRY A COUPLE OF YOU THE REST ARE MY SMOL SONS."

  • All last semester, I didn't really have the motivation to organize my apartment bedroom. This semester I finally replaced my little bookcase that broke with a new snazzy one and organized.
  • INTERNSHIP. I got one. As you all may or may not know, I'm majoring in graphic design and right before school started I got an design internship in my hometown that is very small I might add. !!!! That means I get to stay with the fam for a whole nother summer before I graduate ^^
  • I'm in the second semester of my junior (3rd) year of college so classes are kind of winding down and I'm taking the "big" ones. This semester it's independent studies. And let me tell you. It is testing me. 
  • Besides that, there's not a whole lot happening. ✌️️

What have you guys been up to? Is school killing you already (I wouldn't know. I always rock school tbh... sarcasm. That was sarcasm.)? Rec me some songs or 2017 books!

book review

BOOK REVIEW // Instructions for Flight

11:42 PM

pages: 34
publish date: January 31, 2017
genre(s): poetry
format: eARC
cover rating: ðŸŒŸðŸŒŸ (I loove the concept and I'm not one to turn down wings. ever. cons: I think that, for subject matter covered, the font isn't the best choice and I wish there was some way of combining the texture and the drawing more naturally. This is no way detracts from content.)


I'd like to mention, before I start this review, that I've never really reviewed poetry and I don't read poetry on a regular basis. To me, poetry means words that rhyme. Of course I know that's not how it is all the time but it makes me hesitant to read poems or give my opinion on them sometimes. 

So here's my disclaimer: I am not an expert by any means. I'm going primarily by feel--the emotions the words bring me and how the words feel rolling off my tongue.  

  • I was impressed by the rich language the author used throughout the work: the metaphors (which were super creative btw), deliberate and effective repetition, breaks in the lines of words. All of these combined to create a hard-hitting writing style that spotlighted many important ideas and controversies.
  • Speaking of relevant topics--I read about learning to step out and live, young people who self-destruct, the strength of love. and the fears of public speaking. To me, these things are common ground. Love, fear, hope, and self-destruction. 
  • My favorite poem was To Beautiful Disasters. I LOVE the short, choppy, desperate lines. The language is dark and violent and conveys the strongest emotion in the collection. 
You put shattered people back together with borrowed shards."

  • Another poem I really liked was Instructions for Flight, especially the first stanza. The author captures the essence of hope so well with her metaphors, using things like candy and ice cream to describe it, that I can see it, taste it. 

  • On the off side, in some places (like Dear Dr. King) I thought the rhythm was not quite as smooth and lilting as I wished it would be.
  • I said before and I'll say it again--I was super duper impressed by the lyrical words in this poetry collection. BUT there were some areas mixed in there where the language wasn't quite so eloquent and I was slightly disappointed. 

This was a unique experience for me, and I'm happy to say that I really enjoyed it. I was delightfully surprised by the depth of the topics and the bold words used to convey the stories! 


Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.



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I can't believe 2016 is over already (and omg I'm so sorry about how late this is). More than other years, this one has just flown by without any breathers. A lot of good things happened and a lot of meh things happened. I can't believe I'm halfway done with my third year of college OR that it's almost time to go back to school and be about that grind again.

I ACTUALLY COMPLETED MY 2016 READING CHALLENGE ON GOODREADS. This is the first time I've ever actually done that so I'm kind of (very. I'm very) excited. It feels so good!

So, yeah. It's not a lot but that's not the point. The point is I finished something and set myself reachable goals, which I need to remember to do in the future. 

Thus I am just increasing my goal by ten books for 2017. That's 45 books which is very reasonable and about 3.75 books per month. I think I can do it. 


A Gallagher Wedding
by Ally Carter
12 pages


by Marissa Meyer
832  pages


All of these were five star reads and my ABSOLUTE favorites hands down.

Forged in Blood I by Lindsay Buroker
The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater
Iron Cast by Destiny Soria

Forged in Blood II by Lindsay Buroker
A School for Unusual Girls by Kathleen Baldwin


Can't Look Away by Donna Cooner (shallow characters, meh plot, ðŸŒŸðŸŒŸ)
All Fall Down by Ally Carter (romantic interest that served no purpose but to form the third point of the love triangle, ðŸŒŸðŸŒŸðŸŒŸ)
The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton (me=very confused the WHOLE time, also abuse within relationships 👎, ðŸŒŸðŸŒŸ)

I'm not kidding when I say music really is my therapist. I live to the beats of my favorite songs and they carry me through my low moments, my anxiety, and my happiest moments, when life is full of happiness and possibility. Sometimes I feel like it's my lifeline. SO here are my 12 favorite songs of 2016.

(pictures are linked to youtube)

Now that I think about it, a lot of things happened:
  • I learned more and more that to be myself is more important than to be liked by people or noticed by them etc. etc. Now, to put that knowledge into action. 
  • I WENT TO TAIWAN FOR 2 WEEKS. Not by myself though. Ha. (Psst. It's where my mom's people live.)
  • I worked really hard on not pulling back into my shell so much and actually letting some of my friends in. It's hard. But worth it.
  • I got my ears pierced at 20. But hey, I did it. \(^_^)/
  • I studied many hours for a Biology CLEP (exam for credit) and passed
  • I also got really discouraged over graphic design and my professor who teaches graphic design and was in general very burnt out, especially over the last half of the year. (But never fear, I had stern talks with myself and am starting 2017 with renewed determination.)

I probably, no scratch that I do, waste too much time watching tv shows and k-dramas aaand the list goes on. Movies not so much because they make me feel like I'm wasting time which is ironic because I end up spending a lot more time on shows. My brain is weird. It's fine. 

I was EXTREMELY bad about keeping up with Teen Wolf as the new episodes came out so I finally watched everything from Season 1 to Season 3A. I know I know, I still have a lot to catch up on but I feel pretty good about how much I've gotten out of the way. It was so great spending time with the whole squad again too. *all the feels*

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo has been by far one of my favorite K-dramas EVER TO EXIST. I can't believe it's almost over! I cry. My favorite thing is how the characters are so real--they have ugly cry faces, they yell at each other, they have misunderstandings. There are so few Korean drama cliches of oooh I like guys who are tsundere (act mean and are mean but eventually reveal the softies they are inside) or push me against walls. And, guys, there are all the cute, fuzzy relationship/friendship feels.

Descendents of the Sun aka DOTS aka the drama you may have heard me mention once or twice. That's sarcasm. I've probably mentioned it 50 times. That's only because this is the most heartwrenching drama to exist probably. Also because my husband (Song Joong Ki) stars and is extremely mischievous and brave and honorable. It was really interesting how American soldiers were portrayed in it too all brassy and stubborn. XD This is a romance with a military setting. ðŸ‘ðŸ‘

I can't leave without also fangirling about W - Two Worlds. The premise was SO unique (especially for a k-drama which tend to fall along cliche lines), with manga characters coming to life and the manga world and real world interacting. There was some crazy ish. It felt very thriller-esque, but there were also sweet romantic moments. Oh Yeon Joo (the mc) was literally one of the first/the first female k-drama main character that I didn't have any problems with. And Kang Cheol (lead guy) displayed every emotion so keenly. GAH SO GOOD.

Aaand some of my favorite movies!

I have discovered that apparently I'm one of those people that doesn't really work towards goals that they show everybody. Well, the hard ones anyways. So I'm going to keep my 2017 resolutions a secret for now, but I can still show you how I fared with my 2016 resolutions.

1. Finish all the books you started but put aside.

Uh. That would be a "no".

2. Buy at least one Kpop album. ✔️ Yes! I bought two actually (and this is a big thing because they were my first two ever). I got Twice's first album in Taiwan and later got a BTS album for my sister's birthday.

3. Finish my design website. ✔️ MISSION COMPLETION THANK GOD. I've been needing to make an online design portfolio for. ever. And I finally did. Like two days before the year ended. Procrastination for the win.

4. Go on small adventures. ✔️ I feel like I went on a sizable amount of small adventures even though there's always room for more. I went to a corn maze with my best friend and her boyfriend, I ate at a super cool (new) vintage diner place with my family, I did a Goodwill outfit swap shop with my sister (we bought tops for each other). May 2017 bring all the small adventures.

5. Spend more time with friends. ✔️ I'm the type of person who puts school first. Always. Or almost always, but that's not healthy to do all the time. I think I let myself hang out with friends more even if it was just an hour here or there because our schedules never matched up.

6. Get my ears pierced. ✔️ I had been talking about getting my ears pierced for a while and it was time to woman up and get it done. I'm in love to be honest. What can I say, I'm attracted to shiny things. (Earrings that is. I don't do glitter.)

I feel pretty darn good about getting 5/6. It's probably the most I've achieved since I started making resolutions and crossing things off lists just makes me happy. 

I hope you had a good year, but more importantly I hope that the one to come is even better to you. xoxo

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